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Monday, 28 July 2014

The Gift of Medicine...

Sacred Gifts
made from Sacred callings
and put forth...

a new medicine pouch was needed

I was coming into transition
and had been gifted some sacred items
that needed a place to be held...

And so 
after putting out a call
my Eagle Sister Heather Dakota  answered
and our connection formed

I was not disappointed
A beautiful journey story came with my pouch
one that spoke deep to my heart
and verified the season
I am moved by the perfection
of it all.

Heather Dakota
I can not thank you enough
The heart and soul that went in to this pouch
is obvious to me
everytime I wear her
every time I look at her
I am ever grateful for the time and care
you put into this Sacred Gift
for me.
Love and Light


  1. This very special gift to you is so beautiful ... you wear it well, sister.

  2. Love and Light
    You shine beauty from within xxx

    1. love and light right back to you my friend
      from one Cat to another♥

  3. Thank you Cat, for sharing this experience with us.
    Thank you also for sharing the link of Heather Dakota-I visited her website and I am so inspired by her philosophy as it aligns to my heart's call. I was in need of some inspiration and you gave me that.
    I must also mention that I love your new header- the view is so magnificent.
    take care,

    1. So good to see you here S
      Thank you for your lovely words and for visiting my friend Heather
      she truly is inspirational

      love and light

  4. Beautiful beautiful... transition... shifts... what a gift of such a time.


  5. love your medicine pouch.. can you tell me.. is this transition time, how does this help you??

    1. this medicine pouch helps to traverse through the challenge of transition....there is always a level of stillness, patience, letting go, along with a huge dose of the unknown...the medicine in this particular pouch gives me the strength, clarity and fortitude to stay on my path, see what I need to see and above all have faith and trust that all is as it should be....even when I find myself in difficult me if you need more on this Amy

      love and light♥

    2. Thank you for sharing that.. I love that this assists you so deeply, my friend.. what a gift!


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