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Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Stepping into the Deep...

"Humankind has not woven the web of life.
We are but one thread within it.
Whatever we do to the web, we do to ourselves.
All things are bound together.
All things connect."
~Chief Seattle, 1854

I have not been here much this past week
not even to come and visit you....
But you are never far away
Sometimes you dance across my heart
or whisper in my ear
Other times
I catch a glimpse of you on the trail
strolling through ancient trees
an entourage of animals
trailing behind you
while critters perch on your shoulders
and birds nest in your hair
I've seen you walk on the tree tops
and occasionally
I gotten a glimpse of you
flying with eagle, hawk and raven
and I have marveled as you swam in Mama Ocean
moving with the current
swimming with the mermaids
you are never far away.  

I have decided to take the rest of the summer
 off from this space
there are other muses that are calling
and I must answer
I will be back though my lovelies
and maybe I will drop by
now and again,
into your sacred space
and see how you are...
but don't be alarmed by my silence
don't be disheveled by the stillness
that will be this space
it is where I am called to go
into the Deep
into the solitude of creativity
and relationship
During my 30 day challenge
this message returned
again and again
guiding me to this place that is
I could not go without letting you know
not only where I am,
but what you mean to me...
so thank you
thank you for being here
for reading my words
for witnessing
my journey
thank you for your open hearts
your beautiful energy
your gorgeous souls
Each of you hold a magic that is
unique to you
I have been blessed by this magic
blessed by your gifts
blessed by your journey's.

So journey on my lovelies
and wave to me on the trail
My fire is always open for more to sit by
My pack always full for the sharing
My lantern always bright...

May this season
whether you be in winter or summer
be a blessing to your soul
food for your spirit
and light in your love
I will see you soon....

Love and Light my Lovelies 
you are beautiful

"Do you thing humans were designed to live in the present or the past or the future?"
"Well, I think the most obvious answer is that we were designed to live in the present."
Relax, Mack; this is not a test, it is a conversation. You are exactly correct, by the way."
~"The Shack" by Wm Paul Young



  1. You will be missed:) enjoy your digging deep summer off:)

    1. thank you my friend
      we will be in touch I am sure xo

      love and light

  2. so excited for you!!!! love you more than words. soul deep ♥ xoxo

  3. Ahhhh have just been thinking about reading the shack again. Have only read it that once.
    I fully understand this, be blessed this season too friend x

    1. blessings to you too Bridge!
      love you

      love and light

  4. All the best on your journey. My you find peace, sorrow, and all other things that strengthen the soul.

    The Shack, hmmm. Never could bring myself to read that book. When I read I can not help but become the story. My heart is not ready for such a story as that.

    Anyways, Yes, I will wave to you as our trails pass.

    1. yes, I have heard that from many...getting past the story part....I would say like many things in life, beyond the terrible, beyond the dark lay the receptive stories of divinity and those that are redeemed may surprise us.

      blessings to you P...have a wonderful summer with your tribe♥

      love and light

  5. Peace be with you, I will think of you often especially when I visit the ocean and will send a blessing on the waves! x

    1. thank you my sister-friend
      I too will see you by the ocean....
      thank you for being here

      love and light

  6. Loving you on your new and exciting journey.
    Yes! You'll see me perched, The Owl, one eye open, silently watching you, as you soul search even further.
    This is it. Your time. Your moment to be.

    1. we will perch beside one another : )

      enjoy your summer friend
      we will connect soon

      love and light

  7. "Whatever we do to the web, we do to ourselves."
    wors i live by.

    enjoy your sojourn. august break is a popular practice across the blogasphere, and i might take it up again this year.

    1. those are beautiful words aren't they sister♥

      love to you and yours Mon
      be well
      love and light

  8. Love and light from across the ocean
    I always have snail mail to keep in touch xxx

    1. absolutely my friend
      and email : )

      love and light
      from one Cat to another

  9. loving you so much!

    enjoy your summer!

    see you 'round, here and there....

    love and light.

    1. yes my friend
      i am sure we will bump into one another
      now and again ; )

      much love to you
      love and light♥

  10. thank you for the postcard my dear. it inspires me every time i glance up at it. xx

  11. Back 'atcha! Enjoy each moment as it is. xoxo

    1. you make me smile! ♥

      love and light my friend

  12. I am woefully behind in acknowledging the rush of joy and love and gratitude I experienced when finding your mail love waiting for me! So happy to know you are gifting yourself this space and time to squeeze all the goodness out of this season! Thinking of you and knowing you will have much to share that will inspire me. Happy times sweet one. xo

    1. love seeing you here Lis
      these months are busy, full of life's sweet distractions
      I know you are enjoying your little...or not-so-little cow girl
      and hubby

      thinking of you too my sister
      love and light

  13. Miss you already...

    ps. and thank you for your wonderful postcard :)


    1. thanks MJ
      hope your summer is bringing you much joy!

      love and light

  14. Look at me, I'm the last to read this. Love you. Enjoy your break. xx


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