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Tuesday, 9 July 2013

A Soul-Full Journey....Day 30

Day 30
I am at the
Hatha/Yin Yoga

these are my last "scheduled" classes 

I have really seen a difference in my core strength
which is something this practice focuses on
moves that were "killing" me at the beginning
are now still working me
but with much more ease and control

It is wonderful to see ones progress
and feel that sort of accomplishment...

but it does not stop here
I will continue with the TRX
and will be incorporation more of a variety
into my yoga practice.
I was speaking yesterday with a sister-friend
who did the month challenge with me
(using a different program)
about the things that came up for us,
during this period of intentional movement.
One of my intentions was to love my body better.
I can feel I moved forward in that
and yet I see I still have a ways to go.
This lack of body love was embedded in some
deep wounds of the past
and has been walking with me for far too long
I have made progress
and I am so much further from where I once was
when I abused and loathed my body
so for that
I am deeply grateful
I will continue on this journey
cherishing my body as the temple it is
learning to loosen those things inside of me
that serve me no more
and take in the truth of the beauty and power
my body holds
This may take me for the rest of my
human life
and I am good with that
I think what is important with intention
is that we never go back
always move forward
making our way to the truth
forging our way to divine freedom
no matter how long it takes to get there
because truly
the gifts are found in the journey.
What can I say?
Where do I start?
So many gift given
So many revelations
So many teachings past on
it is hard to know where to start
I will say this
I have realized through this Soul-Full Journey
filled with it's intentions
that there has been lingering shame within my life.
Shame of some of my choices in the past
and though I have walked through this place
time and time again
there remains a residue
and that residue has left me feeling a lingering
of entrapment
of which I was not aware.
Undoubtedly my journey with Eagle
has brought this to the forefront
allowing me to see
it was time for me to see
I had made that time
I had made that space
this is what intention creates
It creates time and space
for these lingering residues to bubble up
And this creating of time and space
is not embraced in our busy, instant culture
There were many times I felt challenged
I remember at one point saying to myself
"Really??? How much more "slowed down" can I be???!!!

And so it is with intention;
yet oh so rewarding...
Not only did this time of intention bring 
the residue of shame to the forefront
but also it brought with it
a shift of perspective
driving me closer to the freedom I live/strive for.
Taking flight with Eagle meant freeing myself
from that shame of past mistakes
Mistakes made by a girl/woman who was living in lack
not understanding the abundance that is for all
to take hold of
the abundance that was hers to have and hold
Discovering that shame
challenged me to o deep within 
and be the person I was created to be
of my bad choices.

 I once thought that a spiritual pilgrimage
was only for a period of time
Now I know
it is a continuum
a life time of journeying
back to Oneself.
This journey can be one of uncertainty
I can
I will
I do
that uncertainty.

Thank you my lovelies
for bearing witness to this my journey
My hope
My prayer 
is that it has touched something in you
awakened a light deep within
so that you too will find courage
to begin or continue
your  journey back to yourself
for I love 
the company of your spirit. 

Love and Light

*There are really only two types of people,
Those you now love.
And, those you will love.*


  1. so very powerful. I've loved reading this journey of yours ( which continues as you said). I'm working on some shame issues of my own too. Facing them has taken courage but looking at them doesn't frighten me any more. I have compassion for the younger me now. I was doing the only thing I knew how at the time.

    love you xoxo

    1. so true sister
      compassion for our younger selves is so important
      we all do the best we can in the moment...

      thanks for walking this with me♥
      love and light

  2. Thank you for sharing your journey with us
    Love and Light
    From one Cat to another

    1. always love having you here Cat
      you have a special place in my heart

      love and light
      from one Cat to another

  3. I'm always touched and enlightened by your life discoveries.
    Sharing them brings a little more harmony in our world.

    1. thank you wise woman
      I always treasure your words

      love and light chickee

  4. It is strange how although oceans apart our paths coincide...
    Your 'Soulful Journey' takes on meaning for those of us who have accompanied you and so the benefits multiply...
    feeling the closeness of sisterhood
    through commonalities shared and pains eased,
    as we move through time together,
    Thank you,
    Heart Hugs x

    1. it is a beautiful thing my traveling sister

      you are so welcome

      love and light

  5. wow.
    this post, your discoveries....inspiration for me to look inward, move forward.

    * love *

    1. we walk together my friend
      but together

      love and light

  6. The thing about even the bad decisions is that they've led us here to this glorious shining moment. Perhaps we should love them even more for being very good signposts, directing us to healing. Love you!!!


    1. well said my wise friend...well said!
      love that
      love you!

      love and light

  7. Its interesting how the physical challenge and spiritual journey go together. As I mentioned to you, what came up for me in this month's journey was lingering fears. I know I have had much healing in this area, but there are many layers and things that I never would have identified as fear I am now realizing are forms of it. Thanks for sharing your journey my lovely friend, always so good to have your beautiful words and insight inspire me.


    1. the reflection of each is so clear...amazing and beautiful...and perfect

      love you!


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