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Monday, 15 April 2013

Mondays Offering....A Little Boy named Christian

(a view from the hill)
As I drove to the market
yesterday morning
I thought about how easy it was
for me to do this.
*how easily I left my beautiful home;
dressed warmly for the lingering winter chill

(one our way to the centre)
*how I got into my car;
of the two vehicles that we own
* how I backed out of the driveway, 
getting the full view of our well maintained home&yard 
*how the road I drove on was wide and smooth

(a view from our apartment deck using the telephoto lense)
*how the Sunday morning stillness
 hung in the air peacefully  
*how I drove to the market at ease
without thought or worry 
knowing that there was money
to buy what I needed
and maybe even enough to buy something
I did not need

(street side fruit stands)
*how I walked into the market
abundance with fresh fruits and vegetables
a cooler case filled with a variety of
a deli counter abundant with all sorts of meats
and grocery aisles abundance with not only daily necessities
but also many specialty items
and delicacies from all over the world

(morning moments of solitude, prayer, and reflection helped me keep grounded)
I acknowledged this amazing ease
that I live with
this great abundance
and in honour of my kids in Colombia
I gave thanks
for these simple things
that I live with.

This is Christian
( Christian when I first met him last year)
a VERY lively 6 year old.
I met him for the first time last year
He came to get a hair cut
Rigth away I knew there where some challenges
that Christian lived with
physically there was a deformity in his legs
and his eyes were not alined
but his spirit was all there!
I remember his coming into my "studio"
ready to get his hair cut NOW, 
not realizing there was a line.
Please keep in mind that children in Colombia
look 2-3 years behind the standard North American child
        They are more often than not, 
much smaller than our children
So when this little spit fire
came into my space letting me know
he was ready with his determined voice
and HUGE brown eyes
I fell in love immediately.
My assistant Noami let him know
he would have to wait
and he did so very willingly
When it was his turn
he was desperate to talk to me
he rattled on and on
oh my goodness, I laughed and laughed
trying to let him know I did not understand
He stopped
looked at me with his big eyes
with a vision of disbelief/confusion swirling with in them
and then
proceeded to ramble on again
he cracked me up
His spirit was undeniable.
I heard his story.
He was born with these deformities
because while she was pregnant with him
his mother had tried to abort him
by tying a belt around her belly
When you meet Christian
you understand why his mother was not successful
His desire to live and live loud
is written all over 

His two sponsors...two teenage sisters...
raised money to Christian could get corrective surgery
on his deformed legs in order to help
him walk with more ease.
His surgery happened when we were in Colombia, 
and it was successful.

 (going to Christians home to see how he is doing
his is the one in the middle...a number of families share this home)
(the roof is tin while the back wall is 75% wood and 25% tarp. 
Christian shares this room with his mother and brother)
It was him you bought the medicine for.
Like all things
expenses have a way of growing 
and Christian needed his pain medication
paid for
took care of that.  

(You can see the walls open to the outside where they meet....
Christina was in good spirits when we came to see him)
Christian was brought home 2 days after his surgery
his spirits not dampened
He will remain in the casts for 6 weeks
and then start physiotherapy.

 I look forward to seeing him running to the centre
when I return
as I am sure is two amazing sponsors are too.
Christian depics what a strong spirit can bring to the world
even in the face of such hardship
He is a bright light
one we want to help nurture and grow at the centre  
Christian is exactly the child
that if given a chance
will make long term changes amongst his people
when you are in his presence
you feel it.

(he is upset here because he wanted to take a picture with the phone...
so many things about us humans is universal, no matter where we live!)
His mother is young
and alone
he is her second son...
but with what we hope to offer kids like him
at the community center
we hope to lift him up, and give him a foundation
and all the children of poverty
are so desperately in need of.

    Delicate flowers
remain delicate
even after they are discarded...

Love and Light to you my lovelies
thank you for reading...    


  1. Wow. It is so very true what you wrote about going to the market. It is just so easy here.

    It was a little sad to here about Christian, but I am so grateful for you and Seed of Love and Hope. Thank you for the stories from the hill.

    1. thank you for reading my friend...
      love having you here
      love and light

  2. I loved the juxtaposition between your words of "here" and your pictures of "there". What a story. What a beautiful boy. What a beautiful heart you have to see beyond what a lot of people see. Amazing. and btw, I don't see your posts in my feed anymore so I'm late seeing this!! This touched me deep. xoxo

    1. thanks for noticing that : ) is hard not to fall in love with these kids...they are so beautiful
      I am glad it touched you and light

  3. Wow. What a story! You tell a good story, missy.
    Such a vibrant, good natured boy. He will be an asset to the village in years to come. Thanks to you and your clan of caring & giving, he is hopeful and given a second chance at life.
    Amazing pictures and reflections. You were there. With all heart and soul, you were there, sister. Thanks for showing us the differences in the world, and for reminding us once again of the meaning of hope.

    1. as always
      you say the words that go straight to my heart
      thanks for that

      love and light


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