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Monday, 22 April 2013

Monday Offering to Mother Earth

(taken today on a after school walk...can you see my little man in the tree? After a challenging day I thought it best to give him some nature loven' to clear his head...
let the trees do their worked)

Today  is Earth Day
so today
I honour and show gratitude to 
Mother Earth
 for all she offers
for all she gives willingly with out question
for all that she teaches...

(today on the trail)
This morning
as I went out for my early morning run
there to greet me was Eagle sitting in the tree
close by where I park.
His dark silhouette large and distict against
the oranges and pinks of the morning sunrise sky.

(captured a couple years ago...a young eagle not yet turned)
the reminder
to look beyond the immediate
to use eagle eyes when walking my journey
to soar to greater heights and know
that heaven is not only watching 
but also engaging with us all.     
   Then upon entering the trail
beaver slapped her tail and dove deep
in the water way beside the trail
we had startled her, and she us
but the charge from her tail
brought both me and the dog to attention.
the reminder of dreams
to follow those dreams
and the work it takes to make them come true.
And while working, 
to not get lost in it, but to find balance
between mind, body and soul.
(today on the trail; an animal trail, leading to this....)

Then a few strides down the wood trail,
not 400 meters (1300 ft)
there ahead of us
stood coyote sniffing around for breakfast
he looked up and saw us
and actually walked towards us
He was a big, beautiful male wide eyes and wondering;
he coat a gorgeous mix of browns and blacks.
Ruger growled low beside me as I came to a halt.

(image captured late last spring one magical misty morning)
the reminder of simplicity and trust
telling me that my wisdom and my ignorance
go hand in hand
and it is in my ignorance that I gather
my wisdom.
A reminder to not take things too seriously
to be light on my feet and quick to laugh.   
I just wanted to look at him
take him in and get lost in 
his amazing wild beauty
and he apparently, wanted to look at us too
as we stood like this
locked in a stare
for a good 15 seconds
15 seconds is a life time when you are face to face
with an animal of the wild.

But alas
the Puppy Prince, Ruger, could not take it
any longer
and the growl turned to a bark and he was off
chasing the coyote into the bush and beyond.

those are the moments.

Upon leaving the wooded area
and walking onto the open dykes
we were greeted by the 
   the geese and the mallards.
all busy tending to nests and readying for their young.

(a daily site where I run)

(Canadian Geese)
the reminder to drink fully of the waters of Life
to embrace the gifts and abundance
to utilize those gifts and share them with the world.

And further on 
more beavers swam in the water ways
as the morning sun shone bright 
and the spring fog hung low.

These are the mornings I live for.
Baptized in the beauty of Mother Earth
I feel my spirit soar
I feel the healing that Is
I bask in the knowing that I am loved
I feel the connection between me and her
the deep magic of all things living
  in which I see and know
The Creator
of All.

My run ends with Hawk
sitting off to the side
She is young and small
not yet mature in her strength
and uncertain of why I have stopped to look at her

(seen a couple weekends ago)
the reminder
of the messenger within
a champion for truth and insight
a guardian of all that is Spirit
She offers the knowing
that I do not walk alone.  

(captured today on the trails)
the Holy Temples
made by Creator
given as a gift to us
To honour, love and cherish
To find our stillnes
To find out peace
To find our truth
To live in spiritual, organic exchange with...
This is Mother Earth 
as I do every day
I honour her 
 for all that she offers
for all that she gives
for all that she teaches..

(a boy and his dog)
Tell me about your relationship with Mama Earth
my lovelies...

(a rescued barn owl)
Love and Light  




  1. Replies
    1. indeed!
      Good Medicine

      love and light friend

  2. Glad to find another who see's all that nature gives to us. It's beauty and its gift of healing.
    Your "little man" looks so very sweet in that tree top.

    1. it is always lovely to connect with kindred spirits Ashley
      thanks for being herre

      my little man
      that tree took care of him in a way I could not
      I am grateful for such things

      love and light

  3. I long for mother nature. Here it is barren and dry and cold. We can find her but it takes a lot of looking for one tiny moment...the biggest reason why I feel I need to move because I value mother nature and need that daily dose:)
    Lovely post:)

    1. well sister
      you have friends here : )
      not trying to influence you or anything....

      your soul needs feeding K...only you can make that happen

      love and light

  4. beautiful offering to Mother Earth xoxo

  5. Your peeks into your nature walks are always breath-taking; they calm my busy heart enough to stop and drink it in. I believe you must live in the most beautiful place on earth. And I think you rather brave to come in contact with so much wildlife. :)
    Catherine Denton

    1. it is pretty amazing here
      we have so many different land terrains to choose from here
      truly I am blessed...mountains, forest, ocean....ahhhh heaven
      thanks for walking the trails with me Catherine

      love and light

  6. I love that photo of your little man there just soaking it all in. Beautiful post and a lovely reminder to embrace what He has created for us to enjoy and take rest in.

    1. I thought of you when I posted this friend, as we walked the trail we did with you...minus the flood of course lol
      oh he is such a good boy that little man of mine....yup he needed some soaking in time : )
      and yes we are to take comfort in rest in is good food for the soul

      love and light Gail
      lovely to see you here!

  7. Gaia honors us everyday, as we should honor her. Love your new self portrait - just gorgeous! xo

  8. absolutely true

    love and light

  9. Of course I love this post! I feel very blessed to have a friend that sees the Creator as I do and who can explore our connection to Mama Earth with me. You give these connections voice through words and photos, thank you for sharing the beauty in this way.

  10. you way the nicest things!!!


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