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Wednesday, 13 February 2013


Today I walk with a heavy heart
I wish it was not so
but it is
Last night we had a Seeds of Love and Hope meeting
first one of the year...
We had reports from the hill
these reports brought me to where I am today...

As it is with poverty
not only is crime a close companion
so is abuse
of all kinds

Like a mother who sells her daughter for the night
so she can buy propane for her cooking stove.
Truth is
in this kind of "on the edge" survival
I can not hold the mother by the throat
who is it then?
the mothers mother?
the great-grandmother?
When did the insanity start?
More importantly
how long will it go on?

Another one of our young girls is pregnant
a beautiful young girl
I remember the first time I met her
...she was 10
so vibrant and full of life
She disappeared for a while
leaving the area in which our center runs
Her family came back over a year ago
I remember when I saw her last year
something had changed...

Boys and Girls
at the mercy of those
whom they should be able to trust
and yet
these people know nothing else
thus is the poison of generational poverty
and when survival is executed
with limited education and knowledge
it is a muddled outcome
never satisfying the deep needs within.

Right now we have 120 kids that are in our program
With the facility we have now
we are having to cap that at 150
in order to serve that 150 well.
On Saturdays we have an open feed...
that day we can feed up to 300 hungry mouths.

There is a never ending need
Even as one family moves on another three come in
This can be very overwhelming...


I always come back to the same place
when I find myself here
This is Life...real Life
And I want to be engaged and awakened
to all that is going on in my world
I know that this is so much bigger than me
I know I am but a drop in an ocean
But with me I bring many drops
like all of you who have already so willingly
become my support
I have been so moved by your open hearts
by your willingness to help
I have been brought to tears
by your words of compassion
by your giving hearts
even though some of you
live in your own financial woes....

Already money has been coming in
thank you
those words come straight from my heart
I hope you feel them
I hope you know
that I can not do this
with out you
Wether your support is monetary
or spiritual
I need it
I will take it
And when I arrive in Medellin
I will pour it all out
onto all I come in contact with.

I believe
we are meant to give
I believe this is in our dna
the need to weave community
the need to lift one another up
the need to be a-part-of

Today I remind my self
not to be attached to the out come
To not get caught up in the North American
view of success
To remember Shadows will always be
How I face those Shadows
how I dwell within them
will determine the affect they have

Today I grieve the broken hearted
 I grieve the lost souls
Today I grieve with the ones I know
who live deep in the Shadows
Today I stand in the mire
in the ugliness of life
I don't have the answers
but I have a lantern
One I will hold high
with the knowing
that some will

Love and Light

yesterday I was gifted these
as I was out for my run
a gift from The Mallard Duck
An offering of Emotional Comfort and Protection...
something I so obviously I need as I do this work...
I thank Spirit for such gifts and reminders
A Reminder to drink deeply from the waters of Life
to find comfort in my element and with those 
of like mind and spirit
like you 
my lovelies.


  1. Your heart for the broken is truly reflective of the heart of Jesus - who challenged us to do something when we see the need.
    Impacted by this and inspired - now that we have seen/heard, we are responsible.(Brooke Fraser)

  2. I stand in the grief with you and in the hope. xoxo

  3. Love your words Cat, gorgeous feathers and SO glad I found your blog! (from the noisy plume of course.)

  4. So sad, tears well up here...thanks so much for sharing Cat, your mission and your hope.
    Love Lissie, hadn't seen the video before, love..

  5. Lissie and her elephant made me cry...
    So did the story of the girl. Who is to blame for the dreadful deed?!
    Why. Why. Why. Ugh!
    I blow you owl feathers through the northern plains to add to your mallard bouquet.
    If I send you a money order, will you get it? (Our private joke) ;)
    Can you accept $Orders? Who do I make it out to?
    Email me. At this point yer almost up to eight hundred bucks! Yeah, baby!!!!

  6. You are one of the beautiful people....our planet needs so many more like you. I wish I could afford to send some money towards this mission, but alas, I can only send my love and peace


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