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Monday, 18 February 2013

Mondays Offering...a little bit of BiG

The pilgrimage has begun...
with you my lovelies!
Have you seen my total
so far?

Alone I am  lone tree
standing by the vast largeness
of endless needs

but with all of you
I am not alone
we stand rooted and tall 
beside one another
a community
of hearts that give
hearts that are big
hearts that hear the call
and respond...

So many of you wrote to me
"I only have a little"...
look what your little built!
Something so BIG
and that after only one week
I know more is coming in
you've told me so.

beautiful delicate hearts
that you have shared with me

and now in turn
I will share with them...
those who I will walk with in the trenches
those who live on the front lines
in the battlefield of poverty

all the stories
all the digging deep
all the open hearts
all the pure giving
I will take with me
the power goes beyond
what the money can do
the power lines in the purity
that it has been given
and I get to be the one to carry that
I feel so blessed to be a part
of such a brave community of women
you have honoured me with your trust
you have honoured me with your love
you have honoured me with your support
and I thank you

I am giving you each a heart hug
the kind where our heart energy intertwines
when we feel our hearts pumping in synch
the kind of hug that you feel in your whole body
that is the hug I give to each of you who responded
beyond the monetary
your words of encouragement
you belief in giving
whatever that looks like...
You have touched me
and will touch others
I love you
thank you

your little
my lovelies
is so

Love and Light

(images take over the weekend
on a family hike)


  1. wow! and, yay!


  2. ohhhh I love this! .... "feel so blessed to be a part of such a brave community of women"... ditto, my friend - I feel so blessed to know you and be part of this blog sisterhood.
    beautiful pics!

  3. How exciting and encouraging! love to you today!:)

  4. It is good to remember that we are all a community and that we are all connected even to those far away in Columbia. Your words and photos are lovely, as always!

  5. Amazing, Cat! I need to find the headspace to email you (I will promise) From what Gail has said Michael and I are clones of you two! You are starting to live the dream and we are a while off but our aspirations and beliefs seems to align, amazingly so xxx

  6. A beautiful forest you are in figuratively and literally. I love your energy and your spirit, you are A-MAZING! Thank you for the kind words and yes, are all the same inside no matter what our experiences have been. Holding you and all the lives you will touch in my heart. xo

  7. You'll soon carry with you your tribe's love, giving hearts and power to your beloved village. The vision is strong, and attainable.
    Tell me again, when do you leave?
    I'm working on it...

  8. oh that ticker at the top is so heartening! so close.
    but the total you're taking of love is many times multiplied.


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