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Monday, 7 January 2013

Mondays Offering... A New Season, My Word, and some sister Inspiration

A new season has come
A re-newed light upon my path
are some of the words
 that come to mind.
There has been a long winter
residing in my soul.

 For over a year now, this season has
held me captive
been my companion
has brought me to my knees
and has been a friend to my soul

Winter offered a place of stillness
time to reflect
a place to hibernate
in the wisdom of The North 

A long season it has been
treacherous and beautiful
and like the thaw in Narnia
I feel the coldness lifting

I can see my path is shifting
the frozen lakes are melting
and the green is once again

 There has been
much beauty where I have been
and I have been grateful for the time
that has been given
for Winter offers Silence like no other
and cooling to the hot fires
of transformation

I do not know
what season it is I walk into
but I am ready
and I am willing
to cross over to something new...
These images where given to me
last Friday during a walk
with my youngest and his friend.
I was amazed at how the landscape
reflected what I felt
Standing in the coldness of the frozen earth
I felt cool and clean
and the beauty was
But the truth is 
one can only be in that space for so long;
Especially when the sun begins to beckon you
to come a bask in it's warmth.

Every season to everything...
especially with Spirit
And so
just as I walked out into the sun on Friday
so my Soul is moving into a new season within
and I am ready.

My Word...
My word for 2013
I could feel it being pressed upon me 
as 2012 came to a close.
I sat with it
I waited
and it remained.
The past year has been amazing
so many blessings
so many gifts.
I am humbled as the Love that has been given
I am humbled by a God...
a Spirit of such goodness and grace.
That even in the darkest times
the greatest of loss
I live in a knowing
that there is more than I see
and that all things are for a purpose
and I am Loved and Cherished
for who I am,
not what I do.
My heart has grown
so much bigger than I ever thought was possible.
My dreams more alive 
than I ever thought they could be.
And Love
Love in such great abundance
it has taken my breathe away.

And so it is
I will walk 2013 out in Humility
Grateful for this life I have been given.

Just one more thing
I was so inspired by this Chickadee
and her story of declaring a word 
with her husband
I decided to follow her lead.
It took a few days to find the one
and after we got past the silliness of it all;
~because there is always silliness with the husband 
when I invite him into
my "slightly ridiculous" world 
(which, of course, he secretly loves)~
We decided on
This progression will walk with us in 
our marriage
our home life
our dreams
our future
our today
our love


It's a good

What's in your "tool-belt" 
as you walk into 2013
my lovelies?

Love and Light


  1. Thanks for reminding me, to ask for my word. Will be doing this. Humility, a very inspiring choice.

  2. It's only when you've walked down the dark path of winter for a season and experienced the 'bringing low lashings' that 'humility' takes on meaning, becomes a beautiful garment, seen as desirous, strengthens...

    Lovely post,

  3. I think this might be my favourite post of yours :) I love your word(s). xoxo

  4. I love the idea of picking a joint word with a partner. What beautiful photos you always have here too!

  5. I'm in agreement with Nyssa, this might be my favorite post. You sound wonderful, full of joy, and full of new dreams for a brighter future. It's wonderful to move from confessing to actually believing. I hear the calm in your words.

    I'm working on this. :)

    I absolutely LOVE your photos, they are breathtaking.

    Thank you for the encouragement.

    May 2013 be the fulfillment of your dreams.


  6. Wow- the picture was incredible! I love that imagery- what a gift! I love all that you are saying. I had to read this post three times to savour the wisdom...I am so glad for you:) Love you and happy new year:)

  7. beautiful. and wow...powerful word.
    much love. <3

  8. Whatever season you walk into next, there will be wildflowers in your path. These words of yours are packed with insight, wisdom, truth and openness. An excited yet calmness to where you're headed. Humility is always a good choice. XO

  9. Ah, Progression. That sounds so good. In my toolbox there is the word "gently" for this coming year. There is always room for more gentle. xoxoxo

  10. Your words and photos are incredibly beautiful, as always. It will be good to see how Humility and Progression play out for you this coming year. My word is Freedom, which of course makes me a little anxious because it is so big:) You also inspired me to talk to my husband about a word for us, and we have come up with a phrase..."Every day is a gift". All lovely words for a new year.

  11. Such a great word (words) for you! I must say that I love, love, love the first photo. I too have been walking in Winter for a awhile. Spring has just started to slowly unveil her trappings to me. It's as if I can smell the warming of the earth and my soul. Winter was magical for me, but it is time to continue along the path. Wishing you loveliness as you transition as well. xo


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