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Friday, 11 January 2013

a few little somethings...

a little inspiration...

two special movies...

a heart wrenched song...

I know what all have these clips have said to me
What do they say to you, my lovelies?

Happy Weekend!

Love and Light


  1. all of them say to me, ' release' ..expectations, outcomes etc.. that last song.. wow, tears.. i loved the odd life of timothy greene. it was one of my fav movies. this was beautiful. thank you xoxo

  2. I shut the Odd Life of Timothy Green off when we watched it. I liked the concept but could not stand the heartbreak of it all...too close to home. He is supposed to resemble someone with Aspergers and the bullying and the fact that he would die just reminded me too much of my kids. The concept was good though...not for young children but esp for adults that need to think on those things or those who can handle it well or it not being as personal...I think I may just be tired of crying:)
    Loved the top advice. We must make our spiritual practice personal. Amen sister!!!:)

  3. surrender and acceptance.

    love and light.


  4. Beautiful song - release.

    I enjoyed that movie The Odd life of Timothy Green, felt the parents hunger and love. Life of Pi is on the watch list.
    Went and saw Les Miserable. Oh My. Cried buckets. Forgiveness, grace, mercy..... those themes conveyed so much stronger in the movie then on stage... and then the freedom from life's chains at the end. Amazing.


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