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Monday, 24 September 2012

Mondays Offering...Broken Free...Part 3

(part one and two found here)

every road has its turns
every road has its pot holes
every road has its darker times
sometimes it is hard to see what is coming 
because of the bend in the road
this can leave us
I went to bed tender that night
Fact is I am still walking with the residual effects 
of that day
walking lightly
being more kind to myself...

the morning after the break down, break open
I went down to my "church"
meaning I took the dog out for an early morning run
I wanted to start my day well
I wanted to believe all was going to be okay
but in order to believe
I had to move
and was I glad I did.
The morning was cool 
as the fog still hung in the air.
The farmlands were still quiet
and the running dykes empty.
Within 5 minutes of me starting my run
I realized the Puppy Prince was acting a little strange
I looked towards the direction of his gaze 
and there on the other side of the small water way
was a coyote
running along side of me!
He ran with me for almost a minute
and then stopped suddenly.
I was thrilled
it was such an amazing experience us running together looking at one another,
I could feel my heart expand
I knew it was a sign.

I thought it strange how he stopped so suddenly
and without a howl
I did not over think it and continued 
around the bend.
There is the cranberry field beside me
I saw what I thought was
a black garbage bag....
but no
as I got closer
I dare not even say to myself
what I thought it was...
not out of fear
just out of complete hope that is was
what I thought it was 
and I did not want to be let down
when I found out it wasn't...
a big black bear
sitting in the cranberry field
enjoying his morning meal
I stopped in front of him
looking at him 
as he looked back at me
It was such a moment.
We stayed like that until Puppy Prince
came back wondering what the hold up was
and saw said bear
thus he started barking and 
running up and down the dyke
thus scaring the bear
who then ran off further into the field...

two amazing gifts
two intimate encounters
I felt my joy over flow
how different this morning was
compared to the morning before!
I was laughing out loud
as tears rolled down my face
"How blessed am I ?"
I raised my hands and gave thanks...
and there was more
they were all there to welcome me
to remind me
to give me hope and
causing me to
Life has a way of pushing us
especially if we ask for wholeness
and I have
I asked for freedom
and to live as fully as I can
in this life...
it can hurt
but the rewards 
far out weigh the challenges...
"I am Vulnerable to the Elements of Life
A Tree
Exposed to the heat of Summer
                 the cold of Winter
                      the winds of Autumn
                  the rains of Spring
I embrace it all
the Truth of Life
and what it holds for me
The revealing of each Season
The Death and Rebirth
The rotting away and the Revival
I stand
firmly rooted
I do not Hide
I say
"Here I am"
I may offend
but if you try to cut me down
you will see your axe has no power
over me
I stand in the Truth of
The Great Magic
The Great Source of all Life
Only when It desires will I crumble back
into the earth from which I grew
ashes to ashes-dust to dust
Till that happens
I remain
Light Shining
Love Flowing
Truth Living
I remain"
~Catherine Beerda-Basso
copyright 2012

"I move slow and steady...
past the ones that I used to know."

A slow and steady Monday to you my lovelies!
Love and Light


  1. wow. That poem was enlightening and amazing. I am inspired and sitting in the holy silence of your reverie. And the animals you are sent. Frankly that would not work with me as I would turn and run the other way. Animals and I work better at far distances...but I still believe in the symbolism and utter beauty of them all!:) And your story suits you so! The utter beauty of it. Thank God for symbols and meanings in nature to inspire and encourage:)
    See you soon! YAY.

  2. I loved when you shared this story and this time when I read it, I broke open and cried. The poem you wrote to go with this beautiful story, incredible. I LOVE that this happened for you. I LOVE the way you took it in and absorbed it and shared it here. It touched me deep deep deep. Just amazing!! xoxo

  3. I LOVE that song
    Your message touched me - I broke last night - today I am raw - I am surviving - Tomorrow the sun will shine again - I hope it does for you too

  4. AHH, the ANIMALS...the animals will ALWAYS set you free!!!!!
    Your genuine soulful connection with our wild creatures makes me wanna cry and laugh and raise my hands to the heavens, shouting thank you, THANK YOU!!!!

  5. O my goodness... what gifts!!! Woo hoo... chills.
    Something that came as I read, and it's something that I am starting to see in my own sensitivity, and it totally came to me after my last question and pondering... the more I walk in heart and spirit the more sensitive I am to the energy around me wherever I am. You can just feel it ALL!!
    Living fully alive and to all God created you to be is so intense... so so intense, and so magical and amazing.
    Beautiful friend... xo

  6. "You will see your axe has no power
    over me,
    I stand in the Truth of
    The Great Magic,
    The Great Source of all Life'

    These words sums up everything......Cat, you have found light after darkness......and I sincerely believe that you will not only shine in it but spread it around.....
    I Love your deep insightful world,
    you express yourself with so much power and this empowered self has touched me deeply in my own journey as well.
    keep walking...

  7. I'll be honest, I would've been terrified; so I find beauty in your gratefulness. I love that the coyote and the bear brought you the encouragement you needed.
    Catherine Denton

  8. My connection has deepened towards creatures too, I'm so sensitive these days....... to be so close to them as you experienced would make-up I'm sure for your time spent in the cardboard world! xxx


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