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Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Heart Songs...

I walk lightly
in the tender of
broken down
broken open
broken free
where Life gently presses upon me
keeping me still
keeping me silent

I have a story to tell
a great story
one that has placed me here
in this stillness
walking deep with Spirit
everyday a new adventure
in what this place has to offer
everyday feeling so fragile
and yet...
my time will come
the whispers promise this
but for now...
for now I sink into
the abyss
of Love and Gratitude

I feel all that is needed to be felt
I see all that is needed to be seen
I am
all that I need to be

and for now
that is enough...

Love and Light

(pictures taken this past weekend
up by Mt. Baker, USA)


  1. I am hearing you too, beautiful. Accepting the fragility, learning daily that we, this day is enough.

    Soul hugs :~)xxx

  2. I'm sinking into Love and Gratitude with you. I love this heartsong of yours xo

  3. Yes, to be here, to be in the moment and appreciating all that I have right now is all I can do now so let us go with the flow.
    Take care,

  4. We all have a story to tell, adventures in nature, as simple as taking a walk in your neighborhood. See the little bird in a big tree, a final flower still hanging on, a sunrise, a sunset, standing in the rain. If only more could embrace BEING the way you do. Those photos, Lady! xx


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