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Monday, 18 June 2012

Monday Offering...simple words

every answer
every tool
everything you have ever needed
or will need
is already inside you

every challenge you face
every struggle you endure
every heart break you feel
there is an antidote
already stitched inside you
put there when you were created 
to help you over come
to help you heal
to help you find your way out

all things have the yin and the yang
all things have purpose
all things matter
nothing goes un-noticed

you are a perfect creation
you surpass all time and space
you are perfect
you are strong
you are powerful
you are loving
you are harmonious
you are happy

You Are

Love and Light to you all
my Lovelies


  1. You Are. Lovely. You are, we are, I am and we are here together...I think that is a Beatles song:) Hey, you might like the Canadian show "Being Erica" it has some good lines:) Anyway, have a lovely week. May you find inner peace and loving inspiration!

  2. Love and Light from one Cat to another
    I enjoyed our email chat last night - you are a name sister from afar xxx

  3. Amen to this wonderful post! love you sister xoxo

  4. I wonder after your heart when I read this. Out of curiosity, are you speaking from your overflow of joy or in an effort to claim that which you hope is true?
    Either is such a sacred part of the day-to-day, I just would love to know what the next layer down holds.

  5. Such wonderful words, thank you! I'm a little behind on blog reading but want you to know you are in my thoughts often!

  6. Love this Post! Nice Words!
    i´m a new Follower

    Lovely Greetings ♡

  7. It takes constant practice and effort to believe in ourselves. Everything is within us, sometimes, there is no need to seek outside help. If only we believed in this truth, then many self inflicted pains and tragedies could have been averted! So let us start believing in our inner strength and then we would not feel helpless ever.
    Have a nice day !

  8. Needed this post. Truth. Reminded and Strength resurfaced. Thank You, always You Inspire.


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