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Sunday, 4 March 2012


I used to live to be strong

I live to be Free


Love and Light


  1. oh yes.. me too!! free from fear mainly.. free of the status quo and trying to be anything other than what I was born to me. xoxo

  2. ME: On my 'journey' to become free - I am overcoming my greatest fear . . . to do this I have put myself into a position of complete vulnerability, however, with someone I trust . . . it is a horrid but yet calming feeling

  3. I have a print in my home, it is a picture of an Eagle flying and at the bottom of it, it says: Freedom. I look at that picture everyday...for me, it's freedom from my past, from my patterns that don't serve me anymore, from the pressure of what others expect of me. Everyday, bit by bit, I release what was and I become more and more, the free ME. As slow and frustrating as the process may be at times, it's totally liberating...

  4. Goodmorning, my friend!

    Ooooh yes! I so so get this... me too!


  5. getting intimate with vulnerability.. perfectly stated. An enviable, maybe even inspirational goal I was never really able to put into a tidy little phrase like that. Thank you- that sentence will literally change my day!


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