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Monday, 19 March 2012

En route...part two... and arrival

(part one found here)

in the morning

breakfast at the airport...
getting to know each other

a 10 hour layover offers opportunity...
we head off to South Beach

this day proved to be a nice calm before the chaos
so to speak

we left Vancouver in rain and snow
the vitamin D nurished my white winter skin

the sand felt good on my bare feet
the wind off the green waters refreshed my jet lagged body

Did I mention one of my Moon sisters accompanied me?
how cool is that?
We found ourselves in constant amazement
there we were together
in Miami...
South Beach no less
crazy talk

An except from my journal:
South Beach-Miami
It feels like a dream here
The ocean is teal blue
the sand the colour of champagne
bodies flock to the oceanside
the play in her powerful waves
they worship the sun
some hide in the shade
content to be by standers looking on...

Mama Ocean is different here
not the Old Crone she is in Tofino
She appeals to the youth inside of me
the playfulness of life
the lighter side
I leave her a gift 
from her counter part
of the north

As with Her
so it is with me
many sides
many season
many faces
Each one as important 
as the other

Looking back 
these few hours
of laying on the beach
were just what we needed before 
heading into a whirl-wind work week
though some of us 
did walk away
a little redder than before
it was still a good day of rest

Back on the plane
we arrived in Medellin, Colombia around 8:30 pm
We found ourselves surrounded with
Love and Welcome

"Welcome to this place of love
we are all links 
to achieve together
and form a very strong way
a hope each of you is necessarily essential
to achieve light and love
knowing that we have great people willing to share
is a great gift of life
thank you"

and so it was
Love and Light
began to grow

to be continued....

Love and Light


  1. You girls are so cute and beautiful. What a precious time away - enjoy!

  2. I am LOVING reading this- you have such a gift with words and I feel like I am right there with you. Can't wait for the next part xx

  3. " welcome to this place of love" wow.. the tears started. I am so touched by reading about your journey! xoxo

  4. Love your comparison and thoughts of the two oceans, your beautiful pictures and awesome welcome in Columbia...interesting that the welcome sign actually said "love and light"...they were expecting you in more ways than one!

  5. I love love that Sophia was able to come with you, Cat! How splendid and what amazing memories you will both carry with you and in your friendship. So wonderful!
    Love your tootsie pic xoxo


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