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Thursday, 6 October 2011

Rock Stars, Professors, Glazers, and House Wives....

These were the people I communed with at Sacred Gifts .
An array of beautiful faces; bodies of all shapes and sizes.
Various ages were represented, from the college young to the retired older...they were all present.

My first break through brought me to the place of letting go of the guilt I feel for not loving my role as "domestic engineer". I do it, and my friends tell me I do it well....but I hate it. I am a Mary...I like to sit, listen, commune with those around me. Not like Martha, who likes to do do do. That just is not me. But deep within me, way in the shadows of my soul, I felt a guilt, a guilt I did not even know about.
For the last 8 years or so I have been battling with myself to take this role on with abandon joy. Somewhere along the line in the last 8 years I felt that my joy- or lack there of- in the realm of "domestic engineer", was a direct reflection of my love for my husband and boys.
And you know what? I did not even know this was what I felt. I truly have thought there has been something wrong with me. I have been trying for 8 years to pour myself in to a mold that was not made for me!
That was a huge revelation and one that has set me free.

You'll notice I say "domestic engineer" not house wife or stay-at-home-mom. Because my role as relational mother and wife give me great joy with no strings attached. It is when it comes to the tasks of running a home that the deep sacred joy  leaves me.
Of course this does not mean I now come home and totally throw those tasks aside. A tidy organized home lends to healthy minds, bodies and spirits. No, I will continue to do the tasks that are required of me during this season of my life. The difference is now I can stop trying to be something I am not. I can stop forcing myself into a place that is neither comfortable or meant for me.
When I fight against the Natural Order, things can unravel quickly. But with this new found shift of perception I can do what needs to be done, not really getting joy out of it, but knowing that is in no way a reflection of my love. Once the tasks are done, I can move towards those things that do "fit" and thus tap into those sacred gifts, unleashing that sacred joy.
Make sense?

Another beautiful thing about this workshop is the release of judgment of others that it offers. When we understand ourselves more we then in turn understand others more clearly. When we understand others and their gifts we realize that judgment is neither wise nor purposeful. The Divine design has been laid out so perfectly, but in our humanness we have decided that everyone should be like us. Everyone should see things like we see them and everyone should be doing life that same way we do. And if they aren't we feel the need to label, classify and box!
A classic relationship that reflects these thoughts is the one of husband and wife. How many times do you sit and pull your hair out because he does not see things the way you do? That he does not see things around the house that need to be done? That he wants to chat everyone up that you meet while you want to keep your time just him and you, or vise versa? When he does and says things you just don't understand or when you are talking to him and he looks at you like you are speaking another language? I know some of you will say this is because of the differences between men and women. I say take it a step beyond those boxes of about what has been written on his heart as a gift is different then yours. And how about if the design is such that the difference is indeed what your seek. Because when you draw those into your life who have the sacred gifts you do not posess balance comes to be. What if all the struggle of making you like me actually goes against the design of The Creator?

I know.
It kinda makes the head hurt a little doesn't it.
Shifting perspective can be that way.
Our natural fleshy tendency is to Label, List, Categorize and Box things...
But I will tell you...This is NOT of The Spirit.
And continuing on in this manor will suck the life out of you, and is.

It comes back to moving from head to heart...head to heart.
A sometimes difficult journey, but when made once gets easier every time and the reward of making this journey is beyond any flesh joy imaginable!!!

Some of you have asked for me to list the 24 gifts, which I so want to do. The problem is if I give you the list they will just become labels and limits. Without the work that goes along with them you will not be able to see the vastness of each gift.
There are so many human things that need to be left at the way side in order to truly see the difference between something you are good at or something you are sacred at. Like I wrote in my last post, Talent is different that Sacred.

For example, at the workshop Monique spoke of a woman who would go to hospice care to do Healing Singing. Monique was a nurse at this particular hospice and one day came when this woman was there with a family. The woman was not a good singer...not good at all. But what Monique witnessed in that room was someone using their sacred gift for a need that needed to be met. Her singing,though she was not great, brought joy and peace to this family. Brought them together during a time when they needed to be brought together. Brought them healing during a time when they needed healing. Brought them Hope when they needed Hope. Because this woman was operating on a Spiritual level, the human level of are-you-good-at-it was null and void.
Spiritual always trump physical! Always.

Another example.
One of the Sacred Gifts is Teaching.
When I say that word what do you right away think of?
A school you see how words can limit our perception?
There are 24 gifts but within those 24 gifts there are 24 aspects to those gifts and with in those 24 aspects of those gifts lys another 24 aspects.
Do you see what I am is Divinely limitless!

So, what I say to those who are seriously interested...and truly you all should be. Click here: Discovering your Sacred Gifts to get to the web site. This is something you need to walk through yourself, for yourself. She does offer an on line version of the workshop and I can assure you, you will not be disappointed. I can assure you, this will assist you in taking you from head to heart. I can assure you, you will find Freedom by doing this for you.

I will leave you with this inspiration:

My two strongest Gifts right now?...Writing and Challenge...

Thank you for being here.
I Love you

Love and Light


  1. I am looking forward to taking this course- thanks friend, for thinking of me. There is so much freedom in knowing that we do not have to be someone we are not, and that we can focus on our true spiritual gifts that bring us so much joy. I also like how you said that knowing ourselves better helps us understand others better and gives us freedom from judgment. Its all about being secure in your own identity, isn't it?

  2. I really enjoyed this, Cat. There are aspects of my personality that don't fit the mold that I feel people are always trying to drag everyone into, and as I've resisted and stood in being who I feel I am, it can be discouraging to feel that others look at me as though I should want to change. I'm not ashamed of these traits, and they aren't bad things. I don't want to be like everyone else. And I'm glad to hear this in the realm of spiritual gifts too. I have read over and over them, and always feel there is much more there than what is commonly taught. So much is overlooked, and so few lifted up as being better than the others. I enjoy looking at the more invisible gifts. ..Anyway, loved this. Thanks for sharing ♥

  3. this is brilliant! i relate to so much of this! i absolutely despise all things domestic. despise. i feel like i would be a terrible homemaker. but what you said is so wise...about not trying to squeeze yourself into a mold that you weren't created for. it makes so much sense, and yes, it relieves guilt. and i also like what you said about how learning more about ourselves makes us less prone to judge others. and yes...that trip from the head to the heart is agonizing sometimes. so hard. i run up against it so many times. thank you for all these wise words and reminders. <3


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