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Wednesday, 26 June 2013

A Soul-full Journey...Days 17 & 18

Morning Meditation
"Finding Your Rythme"

Hot Flow Yoga
Asking myself these questions:
Who am I?
What is my purpose?
Where did I come from? 

Learning to:

Giving myself:
Down time

I am a precious child of God
I never walk alone
I have been given all that I need
I am loved.

Sacred Balance
by Pixie Campbell
"Wolves are known mostly as pack animals, 
but as a couple,
they represent a lifelong bond.
The protective front-running male is aware of the prospects and risks ahead,
while the playful, wild female frolics free-spiritedly nearby.
This piece wants to tell a story about the inner masculine and feminine, or in Jung's terms,
the animus and anima.
When there is a marriage of the two withing,
we can call upon the warrior or the nurturer when needed,
 and we can sense that we are whole. 
Because it would be a disservice to the maturity of Self to linger in one aspect unnecessarily, the two exist to divinely balance one another, 
bringing peace to the psyche.
There is a time for the sword, for action, for hunting, for closing the deal, for taking on the world, for digging the den, for soldiering through.
And equally there is a time for nesting, for comfort, for gathering, for weaving, for holding the emotions of others, for intuition, for creativity, for going within and for grieving.
One cannot survive without the other.
These two wild spirits offer up a reminder of that sacred harmony between the trusty king
and illuminated queen within."

Today took the energy down 
and sank into a time of rest

Morning Meditation
"Above the Clouds"
(last day of the 15 days meditation challenge)
everyday we encounter circumstances in life
that up-set us and disturb our inner happines
I have found these "things"are filled with 
great wisdom
for us to learn from.

Here is a mantra to consider:
If there is a way to solution..then what is there to worry about?
If there is no way to solution...then what is the use of being upset?

I have seen many a person lay claim to 
a relationship with God
spiritual freedom
and yet they worry
yet they are fearful
yet I see no peace coming from
their being...
That has always confused me...

5:30 am
an early morning walk
dog and camera's
after a quick but intense summer storm
the night before...
It is these images
I find see Gods face




Chakra Yoga

A beautiful dance and breathe
in which we opened each chakra-energy center
in our bodies
And where each soul percent connected
to form one body
each different
yet the same.

I came to class early.
Antje hands me a bowl
It holds a deck of card
"Wild Woman" cards
You are to ponder, ask a question
and then pull a card.

My question:
Am I to work on my books this summer?
and if so
I want to work on them...maybe even finish one
I don't know how that is going to look
given school is out...
it is my hearts desire.
Is it the desire I should pursue during this season?

the card I pulled:
"This card expresses a desire for you to tell your stories,
stories of your life, stories you've read, and wisdom you've learned through your journey on life's path.
Share your experiences and nourish others with your stories.
Touch others with your memories of life however big or small. They are a treasure found in the time capsule of your heart at the precise time and place required, waiting to share and acknowledge who we are in the scheme of things.
Lending an ear will help others to tell more stories.
Women need to tell more stories. Open the silent doors of wisdom and power within, and unleash the tales of magic in everyday life, the short profound moments of mystery,
 the everyday humour of our daily experiences,
the knowledge of our similar paths.
Show each other we are here,
ready to stand up and reveal who we are to one another. 
This will continue feeding our wisdom,
nourishing our souls,
empowering our beings so that others know that they too
walk a worthy and powerful life.
Never underestimate the power of a story.
Stories lead us to places of knowing within.
Let your stories be heard."
and now the day slows to an end
and again
my heart is full

a boy and his dog
my lovelies
what wonderful messages are you receiving?

Love and Light


  1. Oh Cat....when I come to your space here it always feels like church. That's so nice. I am receiving the message to savor. It's such a good good message :)

    Loving you so much,

    1. yes that message to savor is so delicious!
      I am honoured by how you feel about my is my intention that is be a sacred space...I am so glad you feel that!

      love and light

  2. Wow on the Voice card!!! even stranger because days ago on facebook I "liked" wild woman enchanted. The synchronicities amaze me. xoxoox

    1. I know right!!!
      I just started laughing when I began to read it

      love and light

  3. that question: where did i come from??
    i used to ask myself that, at a very young age, standing on a stepstool, looking in the bathroom mirror. maybe i'll try that question again, now, at *this* age....


    1. i love that vision of you as a child
      such purity and innocence...

      i believe that never leaves us...that kind of purity
      we just forget

      i love that you have the courage to still ask it this stage

      love and light

  4. <3! Thank you for the postcard, touched my heart. xoxo

  5. Of course you got the "Voice" card. You have already touched so many people by sharing your story and I know you will touch many more. Sharing your story, your wisdom is such a deep part of who you are. I don't think you can "stop" for the summer, but that doesn't mean you can't take a break from writing your books. Your Voice is heard through every interaction you have. I feel very blessed to be one of those who receives your story my friend!

    1. you are such a blessing to me sister
      thank you


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