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Tuesday, 11 June 2013

A Mindful Journey Day 1, 2 & 3

Hello Lovelies!
I have decided to offer a window 
to my 30 day Mindful Journey
Blogging is part of my spirit...
I have been journaling
 for most of my life
and it seemed fitting to give witness
to these 30 day.
I will share a reflection of what
each new day of this journey brings;
whether it be an image
a story
an experience...
I hope you will bear witness 
along side me.

 Day 1
 A day of preparation
mentally, spiritually, physically
space being created
fresh food being bought
meditations chosen
I feel ready for these 30 days
Everything is falling into place
in every aspect of my life
telling me
this is a good time to go deep
with intention and soul/self care.
fresh flowers in my bathroom is my favorite thing...cut fresh from our garden by my husband is even better

One of the events that fell into place
for this journey to begin
came from the yoga studio I attend
The studio was hosting a challenge
a 10/10 challenge
10 days of TRX
10 Days of Yoga
in 29 days
+ 3 special classes for the 15 who take
The Challenge

You should know I have never attended
a TRX class before
Yoga- yes
TRX - no
So I was looking forward to our first
group class on this, Day 1;
introducing  any newbies to TRX or Yoga

My girlfriend is the owner of the studio
and our teacher for our 3 group classes
She is a true yogi
gathering us all together
inviting us to reach out to one another
if we see each other in our other classes
inviting us to encourage one another
as we travel together
and companions...

I like the way she thinks.
Day 2

biking down to an ocean inlet

SouLodge Sister and longtime sister-friend
as my journeying companion today

coming to the place of Eagle
whom we journey with
this month in SouLodge

Today we honour the soul-aspect
of this journey
as she too
is answering The Call and going deep
along side me
Joined by Eagle
Connected in Sisterhood
we make space to be...

 a gorgeous afternoon
of fresh healthy food
light wine
rich soul speak

 Mama Ocean dances in the sun
hawk and eagle call out over head
and yellow finches sing songs in the trees
while four legged friends come by
to visit and swim
only leaving once they have baptized us
with Oceans life waters

we decided
fancy restaurants are no match,
to a clean lunch eaten with Mother Earth

Day 3

Relax, Relieve, Restore 15 day guided Meditation
" Quiet your Mind"
my now second TRX class
full body workout
I loved it
it worked me
still trying to figure out the straps lol
and I still loved it

(back home for mama mode)

Hot Flow Yoga
amazing how much heat our bodies can produce
I feel open and oh so beautiful
sweaty, hot, stripped down
I feel the goodness happening already
I have a good cry during Savasana
they came
and I let them
my body felt so alive
so open
so tired
so good
the tears came out of a place of gratitude
deep gratitude
I had thoughts of my deep healing
and they came
and with a smile on my face
and peace in my heart
I gave them place
to be...
 when I came home it was time to nourish
my body
with the fruits of our garden

apparently there was someone else
who needed nourishing too....

fresh frozen blueberries (picked last year)
strawberries from our garden
almond coconut milk
coconut water
ground hemp and flax seed
a toss of coconut 
a scoop of plain greek yogurt

  a drink perfect for a soul-journeyer

Cheers my lovelies! 

now...with tea in hand
I bring this day to a close
feeling I am right where I need to be

As my dear journey-sister Marie says
"Life is good...
so very very good"

Love and Light


  1. I try to drink that every morning or at least weekly- helps energy so much! Looks delicious. These mindful practices are all so beautiful and holistic. I like that you included soul sister time and nature with food choices- sometimes in a cleanse people forget about mind, social, and spirit and think only of body. It's funny tho cuz when u said you were going on this- I pictured something very similar to this post for you... Because you are not one to neglect all of the elements;)
    I am joyful and enriched witnessing your steps onward. Thanks for sharing;)

    1. that's amazing that this is what you pictured! love that
      yup this one is embracing all the facets
      there is a whole new "newness" happening and I feel this is what I need to do do fully step into it...with mindful steps...
      thank you for bearing witness friend

      love and light

  2. Ps
    Fresh flowers?! That hubby is sweet;) love the thoughtfulness and I can just imagine the strong scent wafting in to cleanse. Tell him hi for us and bravo;) lol

  3. Life is good
    Out of the ashes comes new beginnings

    1. as you bear witness to me
      so I do for you

      love and light
      from one Cat to another

  4. Replies
    1. thank you Mandy! ♥

      love and light

  5. Oh, I love a good cry during savasana.
    This is one of my favorite posts from you. Your life is bright & shiny and brimming with healthy thoughts and acts and food!
    Such an inspiration.
    I shall follow suit.

    1. I will see you there sister...I will look for your hair, and you can look for mine : )

      love and light

  6. Oh my goodness!! This was so lovely Cat, three wonderful days--the energy just bursts from this space...
    thanks for sharing it, for giving it

    1. and thank you for being here taking witness of it beautiful MJ

      love and light to you!

  7. I love that you shared this. It's so inspiring! I could feel a shift just reading and looking at the photos. xoxox

    1. you are amazing

      love and light

  8. Thank you for the reminder to be mindful in all areas of our life. Its easy for me to get caught up in the everyday busyness and not take the opportunities that arise to be mindful - I just need to focus on it one day at a time! Like you, I felt so much energy in my body, so alive after my first TRX/yoga workout. Looking forward to my next session tonight:)

    1. it is a practice...this one day, one moment at a time...
      with intention
      we unravel ourselves.....
      such a beautiful thing

      love and light

  9. So inspiring. My soul needs that nourishment - going there!!

    1. I will meet you there friend!
      (we will have to do this sometime too...but in your neck of the world!)

      love and light

  10. life is so very very grand and sweet.

    and i love you.


    1. ♥♥

      love and light traveling sister!


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