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Monday, 17 June 2013

A Soul-full Journey Days 8 & 9

Day 8
Morning Meditation
"Reveal Inner Wisdom"

"may you have spiritual happiness
may you have physical happiness
may you have mental happiness
may you live with ease
may you be blessed"


Day 9
an early  morning run
serenaded by 3 different choir
first the frogs
then the bird
then Coyote
loving the sound of my feet 
hitting the earth
these are the reasons
I run with out an i-pod

Morning Meditation
"Quiet my Inner Critic"

this is the first time I have fasted 
with such deep spiritual intention
the days unfolded like the wind
over golden prairie wheat 
my skin feels thin
and yet I stand strong and sure
emotions spill out easily
bringing old residue to the top
I am amazed by the depths
we go
and by the infinity of our souls

my intention is to let go
let go of my perfectionistic attitude
and every day it comes 
I face it, eyes and arms open
and I choose to make the decision
to fall into the worn pattern
or forge a new rhythm within
A new song is emerging
with every hour past
I shift between spirit world
and our world
with no effort at all
over coming
moving past
letting go...

"To prepare this ground, we must dig 
up the roots of all the wonderful growth
that was here. It is hard work, but well
worth it. If the roots are not here, then
they cannot do what comes naturally
and harm the seed we will plant"
 quote from The Shack by William Paul Young

I'm alive should have died in a plane crash
Four long years ago
Lost my hope, couldn't cope
With my fear of news on the radio

But I've got a long red cape
That's caught in the engine of a plane
That's flying way too low
Yesterday a hurricane had blown away my long red cape
And I, feel satisfied


I'm in peace, I feel sweetly released
From all that I couldn't let go.
If I knew, what to do
The I guess I'd finally feel anew

But I can't wear my cape
'Cause I would be repeating a mistake

I just gotta let it go
I just gotta let it go
I just gotta let it, let it go, let it go
I just gotta let it go

Yesterday a hurricane
Had blown away my long red cape
And I, I, I
Feel satisfied (-ied, -ied)


Yesterday a hurricane had blown away my long red cape,
And I feel satisfied 

how are you feeling my lovelies?
Love and Light

ps I am sorry for the technical difficulties on my blog not sure what that is about : ( 


  1. i look around me at all my cyber galpals and i think they are all already without fault, at all. you blew my image of you.
    i suppose we *all* have some fault we wish to shed. time for all of us to "let go"....

    *love* you, dear sister....

    1. glad to have blown your image sister!
      we all have things we need to let go of , heal and transform within...this is the truth that we don't live in
      we compare and forget
      we are all the same

      love and light dear one

  2. your kind parcel arrived today - thank you so much you are so wise and kind xxx

    1. happy birthday Cat!!!
      the forties are a blessing

      love and light

  3. You are a born shaman. I know it. This stuff is wonderful. It is touching me, deep, deep.

    1. I bow in gratitude for your sight
      I love you

      love and light

  4. I love that red cape song. I can relate to all of Priscilla Ahn's songs. That cake looks absolutely fabulous! Tell that sweet son of yours that we think he should be a baker and we wish we were there to taste a morsel! What a great fathers day gift.
    So glad you are digging deep and finding growth and healing.
    P.S. Did you get my re invite?

    1. so love that you have experienced that sweet son of mine in person
      he has been watching "Cake Boss" and now is aspiring to perhaps go into that line of work : )
      if you come and visit
      he will make you a cake!

      you know what K
      it is not even digging
      it is more like diving
      diving in on eagle's back


      love and light
      ps I did get you invite, thank you!

  5. I was with you on that run- I could hear the songs.. your feet on the ground. I love your words.

    1. love that you were there Ashley
      thank you
      I always love the company

      love and light

  6. I like how you said you are shifting from our world to spirit world with no effort at all. I have been invited to live on that higher plane, but still struggle with letting go. I know that it just takes practice and I will get there!

    1. this is why we call it a practice sister♥

      love and light


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