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Saturday, 15 June 2013

A Soul-full Journey...Day 6 & 7

Morning Meditation:
Relaxing Your Physical Body

(A time to rest from physical activity today.)

Today I had the privilege of spending some holy time
with this beautiful creature... 

This is my sister-friend of  20 years
and she is currently walking with cancer
She is a symbol of grace, determination and fortitude
and every moment I have ever spent with her
has been a treasured gift

Today was a good day
I was so glad because I had taken my camera
realizing I did not have any pictures of her and I
that were remotely resent.
I don't know what the outcome of this journey will be
but I do know that I want to remember we were here
in this place

where the veil between this life
and the afterlife
becomes so thin
it is like that of the vapor of breath
on a cold winters morning
a holy place
where skin is thin
and emotions move like the waves 
on a forgiving and unforgiving ocean
and where there must always be time
to do silly things
that feed the soul with laughter

Upon leaving her 
my head is full of thoughts
my heart is full of gratitude and wonder
and I seem to glide home
I feel my body buzzing
energy alive
and before I know it
I am home 
in the blink of an eye.
So much to process
the time was right to go into a journey
with Eagle...

Today in SouLodge marked the beginning
of Seven journeys in Seven days
along with a 7 day fast, 
preparing for the change of the season,
for whom ever wanted to participate
Given this Soul-full journey I am on
I choose to join
To be more specific
for 7 consecutive days
 we take part in  guided
Shamanic Journeys
with Eagle.
Eagle is the animal spirit that connects us to Creator
and these journeys
are meant to deepen
and strengthen
 that connection.

I won't go through the whole journey
but I wanted to share one part
I was asking my spirit guides
who would be walking on this journey
with Angela
out from the dark forest comes a female Wolf
she comes towards me and I say
"Have you come to walk with me"
She says nothing but instead turns away
revealing a tumor on the side of her body
She is carrying Angela's cancer.
the moment is still
and reverend
and for a short time I walk with Wolf in a intimate silence
the forest is still
I can only hear the sound of our feet
touching the earth
and then
she disappears into the forest....
My spiritual journey
always reminds me of how we are not alone
no matter how we are feeling
or what is going on
Creator is always there
sending guides and messages
connecting with us
that journey
was a balm
to my tender soul.
later that night we went for dinner with friends
the wife is a Sister of Light
Oh how grateful I am
for the women that walk with me.

Day 7

7 am Morning Meditation
 "Cultivating Positive Emotions"
7:45 am TRX

and then it is Saturday
a morning to make a veggie stuffed omelet for the family
a day to power-wash, do yard work, and de-clutter

a day for family and home pride
a day for baseball games
and a day
to get ready for Fathers Day....

my little man has taken to watching Cake Boss
and fancies himself a baker
the dad's
his dad and his brothers dad
are in for a treat tomorrow!

I have not been eating the batter!

and good music
no Saturday is complete without
good music

tonight I will end my day 
with Eagle and Creator
It is a good life
and though my skin may
at times 
feel thin
my eyes are clear
my mind alert
my touch sure
I am alive!

Blessings to you my Lovelies
Love and Light


  1. This is a beautiful and moving post. I love in particular this paragraph:
    My spiritual journey
    always reminds me of how we are not alone
    no matter how we are feeling
    or what is going on
    Creator is always there
    sending guides and messages
    connecting with us
    that journey
    was a balm
    to my tender soul.

    It resonates deeply with me. Thanks!

    1. Zena!
      good to see you
      it is always good when we can resonate together

      much love and light

  2. Friendship colours the air we breath. So glad yours is full of fresh love and hopeful kindness. Enjoy the intentional month you are living:)

    1. friendship colours the air we that!

      love and light♥

  3. what a blessing, to be your friend, for many to count you as friend and sister.
    this soulfull journey is so good.


  4. The wolf!! I am speechless. Angela is blessed to have you on her journey. And all who witness your journey in this space are blessed as well. xoxo

    1. Oh sister wolf has been a powerful force...that was not the end of the story....

      we are all blessed♥

      love and light

  5. The story of the wolf is incredibly beautiful, thank you for sharing it. Like you said, the Creator is always walking beside us, giving us wisdom and hope, if only we would open ourselves to listen.

    1. thank you sister
      I love that you see me

      love and light


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