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Monday, 24 June 2013

A Soul-full Journey Day 16

Morning Meditation
"Your personal practice"

a personal practice is an 
important part
of the spiritual life
taking part in this 30 challenge
 has re-affirmed to me
it could be 15 minutes
it could be an hour
whatever it is
it is meaningful
it matters


today I feel a little drained
for a few reasons
one is 
I visited with my "mom" who is terminal
and she was very low today
mixed with bitterness
and though I am in compete understanding
of these emotions
it took it out of me today...
my cycle is coming to my emotional time
so I find myself far more sensitive
to those around me

this lovely lady
went for her first chemo treatment today
so I held space for her all day
wondering how it was going 
but so respecting her space
a candle was lit all day
in my studio
shining a light
on her path
she is so lovely
she text me tonight to let me know
how she was
challenging, but do-able 
she goes for her next one on Wed.
If you feel so inclined
would you share the love
and send her a note of encouragement?
You can find her here
that would be amazing...

not much else to say today
I think I am need of some rest...

what are you in need of my lovelies?

Love and Light 


  1. Rest well. Rest deep.
    I am researching how to take care of my plants and other neat do it yourself home designs that are imaginative ( hey did you know that you can clean the big leaves of plants of dust with half milk and half water gently rubbing? Crazy...I am going to try it tomorrow.) I am the opposite. I have rested a lot with the recent sickness and now am trying to get back into life. It's draining and requires a ton of motivation...So I am going to get my hair done tomorrow instead...LOL:) And clean my plants...and move some furniture:)
    You should take a nap day on one of your soul full days:) you can only get out of bed for bathroom and sustenance...that would be hard I think for most women:)
    I wish I was there to bring you a plant and light another candle...

    1. love what you are doing K
      I did not know that about the milk and cleaning plant leaves!!! who knew? lol
      a nap
      yes that may be in the works for sometime this week
      I am not adverse to a nap now and again : )

      love you
      love and light

  2. "We're all just walking each other home" quote from Ram Das is one that has been circulating here on-line lately and it is comforting to know that and, that none of us are alone! It is depleting when those close and near to us are suffering, we do what we can and they know that, rest my love may you find peace there. x

    1. oh I love that quote Sue...beautiful enough to bring tears to mine eyes

      thank you for stopping by in Angela's space
      that means a lot
      I have the most beautiful bloggy friends indeed!

      love and light

  3. Take good care of yourself, my friend. An empath as you know needs more self care than most. I do believe you taught me that so I'm echoing it back to you. I"m thinking about you and Angela xoxo

    1. I will sister
      taking it down today
      there is a warm rain sprinkling this morning
      helping me slow down too

      thank you for visiting Angela's space ♥
      I am gathering a tribe for her
      because when women gather......what out!

      love and light

  4. Tender day indeed.. woow. Sending your mom and friend love and wholeness tonite after reading this post. I hopped over and posted a note on her blog. Love your heart so much. So grateful to know you.


    1. love your heart my sister-friend
      thank you

      love and light

  5. i'm so sorry to hear this about your mother. how can a loved one ill not drain us? it's very challenging.
    even more important to recharge.
    hugs and hot tea x

    1. thanks Monica
      I am listening to my body
      and slowing it down this week
      : )

      love and light

  6. Good morning sister.
    I've been away. And then I come back and see you are in pain.
    Your mother and your friend. Both struggling for different reasons. And you.
    I'm so sorry. Bear hugs coming your way.
    Keep the spirit. I will take fifteen today and set an intention of strength & love.
    For you and yours.
    Namaste xxxxxooooo

    1. I am good sister...
      my body was telling me I needed to take some time
      and slow it down
      all is well
      but I will still take your 15 of intention : )
      I would never turn down some loven' ♥

      love and light


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