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Monday, 10 June 2013

Mondays Offering....The Journey

Good morning my lovelies
Yesterday I began an Intentional Journey
of Body and Spiritual Health.
30 days
delving deep into these aspects of myself
I have answered a Sacred Call
that came after a deep healing within
and so I step into this next 29
surrendering to what is to come...
I will share more of what this looks like later
as this does have structure
This morning I felt compelled to share with you
an inspirational writing that I have
I unfortunately do not recall
where I reaped this from
but it is a beautiful reflection
The Journey

Answering The Call is to turn to a new path; to begin moving another direction, usually into darkening forests whose trails are narrow and obscured. Contained within The Call is the imperative to walk away from what is currently before you- the leave-taking of a previous path- to wander, seemingly aimlessly at times, a wooded night. 

There may be others on that current pathway with you. They stare as you move away. Some are stunned, or angry. Some shake their head in disappointment or fear for the loss of your presence and agreement. As you move away from the company of Those Who Think Like Me, you begin to realize that you haven't thought like them for some time now. The thought of continuing on as you have for so long is causing such a rift that it threatens to divide you from your very essence. If you don't finally answer this time, The Call may never come to you again. You can't risk that possibility.

So you begin to trudge through poison oak, nettles and briar patches, scratched and scraped, tired and thirsty. There is no room at the inn- you are called to the Wild Woods, and there you will remain, because you know that only in those wild places will you finally come upon what you have always searched for.

To answer The Call is to change your name, releasing the syllables and sounds of your former self to adopt your rightful title. You are no longer Compliance, Prudence, Chastity. You stop trying to write beautifully, and begin writing what is true. Your identity is finally stripped down to only what is real for you- your new name, your oldest name that is- Wildish, Untamed, Powerful, and your handwriting is scrawling, fast and recognizable only to those who write the same way. The Call demands this of you.

The Call is a growing pain that begins at the center and radiates outward to singe and burn away everything it touches that cannot last. This is the very nature of change and metamorphosis. For the shedding of skin into a new being is intrinsically painful. I have stopped trying to avoid pain. But pain is only part of the story. What remains is strong, resilient, and worthy. Everything else is a skin fit for then, and we can find the courage to let it go in favor of now.

Along the way, you will meet up with sisters who have answered their own calls. After years of trudging alone to the single note of our own call, we begin to sense first, then to see their dirt-smudged, tear-streaked faces. Their scars look comfortingly similar to our own. We are a ragtag tribe of outcasts, moon howling, spiritual homesteaders. The notes of our own call begin to merge and blend, and we become a symphony of stragglers, circling in sacred ritual- we are never truly alone. Our wounds are treasure maps tracing our stories back to the moment we said no, enough, no more, now, this time, my time. They bind us, these wounds, these calls, one to another on this dark wooded path.

To answer The Call is to choose a life outside what anyone else deems worthy, understandable, logical. We are heralded by some as over-emotional, ridiculous, dramatic, eccentric, strange, weird, unnatural. Others like us will recognize themselves in our journey, our words, our artwork, our altars, our homegrown vegetables and homespun clothes. They will feel they are home when they smell lavender at our neck and see sage on our tables.

Our legacy is red, and burns with a passion we cannot contain so that it seeps out and stains our daughters and sons, marking them for a new way of life that emerges- because we were brave enough to answer a Call. 
(author unknown)

What Call is being whispered to you my lovelies,
and how have you answered?

I will meet you on the trail
my sisters....

Love and Light


  1. I have the very same photo just about arms length away from me as the one before these words, I can stretch out and touch it the same way as I stretch out and touch you my spirit's companion and you me on our journey!

    Hugs x

    1. I LOVE that Suey!!!

      love and light traveling sister♥

  2. I so needed this today. such a beautiful post that both hurts ( in a necessary way)and heals. thank you for sharing such wisdom, my friend xoxoxo

  3. Yes! I have answered that call many times and will again. It's tough. It's very isolating but for the few who journey along or on the next path but I would not live life any other way. Blessed are those that mourn for they shall be comforted. The paths that are different being hardship but also a strange sort of comfort. For travel lots they need a safe place where they can let the frustrations, complaints and sadness out... Because there will be all three... But these can only be vented in safe places as the others will say " see we told you so, if you only did it our way you would never know this pain, this sadness, this anger, this hurt..." But they do not understand the other parts that come along with healing... The deep joy, the cleansing, the painful beautiful freedom, the satisfaction of living in our own truths... Which is why we can only truly share it all with those who know the journey is very touch but very rewarding.
    I love the call by Regina Spector. It suits this post.:) very lovely. Enjoy your intentional thirty days. We all need that every now and again. This is your time ... Glad you are embracing it. Your time is now for getting stronger. We break, we suffer, and we become strong, we lift up, we find another path, and again we break and start again. The most compassionate, empathetic people live with these cycles. Their answers are only answers for a time and then they morph again. It's beautiful emancipation. Enjoy beautiful butterfly;)

    1. true my sister

      love and light

  4. I meant travellers instead of travel lots... And tough instead of touch! Lol!;)

  5. I wake up to this photo beside my bed every day
    Love and Light

    1. you honor my practice

      love and light

  6. Was just looking at this photo on my fridge yesterday morning. I was so thankful that our paths have crossed and will, at some stage, meet again.

    Meanwhile, that calling is strong.
    Looking forward to hearing.

    P.S. Did you get my email about the sweet goodness that arrived on last Friday in our box? So many smiles and happy memories - and a flurry of things written to send back.
    Love you all.

    1. yes my friend
      I did get your email! So glad it arrived safe and sound...only a couple months later!!! lol

      I too am so thankful...your truly are a sister of my heart Gail. Thank you for answering the call to come and stay at my home...what a blessing we have been to each other...and the kids too!!! so loven' that

      Love and Light

  7. i have this very postcard photo near my computer, where i can pull it out and see your green boots carrying you down the path.

    as you well know, i am on a journey myself, these days....
    i love that you support me on my new path of delving and discovery....

    * love *


    1. love that we are walking this together
      so good to have kindred souls to lean in on when needed

      blessings M
      love and light♥

  8. Awooooo! I am right there howling with you and delving deep into the wildness of our souls. Beautiful Cat, enjoy this journey! xoxo

    1. meet me under the moon sister!!!

      love and light

  9. I feel like I am in the midst of answering the Call - still sorting it out, still learning my true identity, still letting go of the old and opening to the new, still searching for those who are on this same journey. I am so very grateful that you truly meet me on this trail sister!

    1. you are SO answering the Call are in it, beautifully and with amazement
      I catch glimpses of you amongst the trees and you are smiling and radiant

      love and light


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