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Thursday, 13 June 2013

A Mindful Journey...Day 4

5:15 am
morning meditation:
"Observe Your Thoughts"
5:45 am
a misty morning gentle walk
with my favourite four-legged companion

 with beaver
didn't have the right lens for this shot...but really...who cares? lol
 and heron
 and other jewels of Creation

Charka Yoga
there was moment
when we were to put ourselves into child pose
and make ourselves small
this brought thoughts to come...
thoughts of how, in the past, I had not trouble
 making myself small
how I would shrink myself away
hiding from Spirit
This has shifted
and I continue to learn
that now is the time to make myself big...
to reach my branches high to the sky.

Finally getting the physical I have been meaning to get.

An impromptu visit
with my "other" mom
She is terminally ill with cancer
only the 25th person in North America 
to have this particular form

So when she called
I went 
every moment precious
and a gift
We spoke of Angels
Self Love 
and Forgiveness
She is wading through her new normal
trying to be brave...
I treasure this woman.

The day ended with
Boys, Burgers and video games

which means
rough housing
and the youngest ending up in tears

But then the music comes
and all is forgotten
and what matters most
is that tonight
we were all together
and Love binds us there
no matter what...

(days 1,2,&3 found here)

Love and Light


  1. "we were all together
    and Love binds us there
    no matter what..." beautiful. i'm feeling so much subtext all through this post ,which , to me is the amazing gift you have ( one of many). love you xoxo

    1. thank you for delving into the "deeper" and seeing beyond
      you see me

      love and light

  2. Replies
    1. it was a good day K : )

      love and light

  3. It's all about love! xoxo

    1. so true is everything!

      love and light

  4. Oh to have been with you on that morning walk...sigh :) xo

    1. would love to have you join me A!

      love and light


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