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Thursday, 13 June 2013

A Mindful Journey...Day 5

"There is something bigger than fact: the underlying spirit, all it stands for, the mood, the vastness, the Western breath of go-to-the-devil-if-you-don"t like it, the eternal big spaceness of it. Oh the West!  I'm of it and I love it." 
-Emily Carr *Hundreds and Thousands, 1966*

(a card in my mail box yesterday from a certain Noisy Plume to brighten my day!)

these are the gifts of sisterhood
5 am
Morning Meditation
"Finding Balance"
of course there are no accidents...
As of yesterday I have been feeling unbalance
too much chewing on some events of the day

I head out after meditation
for a bike ride "around the world"
with my pup.
I was in my head.
chewing chewing
How do I move from mind to heart
As I bike in the early morning;
my shoes and pants getting wet
from the morning dew on the tall field grass;
as the Herons fly above and sit on the waters edge
as the eagle flies over head;
I ask for guidance from Creator
as I look at the bounty of Creation
I know where to go to for the assistance I need

I want to change the name of this journey
from mindful
I don't want it to be about the lists
or the to dos
Though there are things to accomplish
it is not the doing that matters
it is the learning, the opening, the growing
because of doing
that is my focus.
I breathe deep as I take in the beauty
the natural beauty that has nothing to do with man
and I know
I can move past the chatter in my head
I know I can be guided out
and by the end of the 10 km ride
I am finding my way out.

Hatha Yoga
(this is my favorite yoga class)
today our class focuses on purification
the process of purification 
and what the meant to each of us
I could feel myself breaking free
and it was during this practice
that I decided
I am Eagle

So through the rest of the day
I flew
high in the sky
wind in my face
the feeling of feathers again my skin
rising above all that would distract
all that would weigh down

Today I was Eagle
and I soared.

tonight I enjoy a glass of Malbec
and some tv
tomorrow I begin a weeks fast with my sisters
at SouLodge...
thank you for walking this trail with me
What has been on your trails today? 

Love and Light


  1. I am really loving this mindful journey. So intentional. So inspiring. I thought of you will on my walk today.... and began singing. Really felt I was being carried and heard.

    1. thank you sister
      so nice to be thought of
      as you know I think of you&heard;

      and yes
      you are so carried, so heard, so love
      God told me so

      love and light

  2. With delight, I whispered "Emily Carr" when I turned to you today. ( oh, that Plume )
    I ride my bicycle everywhere in the summer. Freeing, isn't it?
    I've been in the presence of hummingbirds lately. That's not the norm around here. But, I wouldn't want it any other way!
    So, I am a Hummingbird. Hovering in place.
    Looking for contentment.
    I'll be looking for you, Eagle, soaring west. Yer the one with curly feathers, right?

    1. love love love the riding of the bicycle....feels freeing indeed!
      Love that Humming Bird has come to visit you bringing you joy and beauty, even in the brokenness of life. A Spiritual message for you sister as you walk this road with your brother, I have no doubt.
      I am the one with the curly did you know? ; )

      love and light

  3. My trail was very muddy today - literally muddy :). Adventuring at a state park on multi-use trails through floodplains = mud. Loving your journey, glad that it has become soulful. xoxo

    1. love the sounds of those trail Mandy
      keep on trucken' sista!

      you to the soul-full!

      love and light

  4. There is something about that picture that draws me in, I can't stop looking at it. I feel as though I have danced beside a fire there, looking up at that beautiful night sky:)

    1. beautiful friend
      i think i seen you there : )

      love and light


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