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Thursday, 2 June 2016

The Rising Revolution of Medellin, Colombia...

Casa de Hip Hop Kolacho


Casa de Hip Hop Kolacho is an art school in Comuna 13, San Javier, Medellin-
Colombia (this is the comuna that we live in when we come to volunteer...the center is an hour away on the other side of the city).It was initiated in 2013 as a way of keeping the memory of Hector Enrique Pacheco Marmolejo alive. Kolacho was a member of a hip hop group known as C215 and was assassinated in 2009 near his home. After his death this movement came to life...offering the young people, of this comune a place to use music and graffiti as tools to claim their rights, denounce the violence in their community and generate the space for training the youth up in these mediums and expression instead of loosing them to the gang life style that is ever prevalent. Each painting holds a of the walls contains a series of different animals each a representation of something. An hawk for freedom, an owl for knowledge, elephants for family and remembrance, and a panda to remember the children who were lost in the violence between the military, guerrillas, gangs, and even a makeshift military organized by the people who lived within the Comuna . Each is holding a white flag. When the violence and killing had grown too strong in the neighborhood one brave woman exited her house waving a white shirt and shouting for the violence to stop. She was shortly followed by thousands more and the entire hillside turned white with people calling for an end to the bloodshed. Candace and I had the absolute pleasure of taking one of their walking tours to view the graffiti art work of the community. We were lead by Judah, one of the members of Casa Kolacho, who gave us an in depth view of what the comuna went through during the times of uprising. To see these young people bring in peace and a fighting in a different kind of way was so inspiring to me...they have lived lives that most of our children could never even imagine...and though their historic stories are riddle with death and suffering they still stand up to make the change that they want to see...each painting holds a different story of freedom and revival...this day stays with me...their message is simple...
LOVE is the only WAY to Freedom for all.

for more info on this amazing movement please watch the short video below

Love and Light and Revolution


  1. so very interesting.
    i am so pleased that you post....

    * love *

  2. Yes, I agree with pencifox, yours is a life of varied contrasts full of love & light...keep posting...hugs x

  3. Amazing pictures...yours and theirs!

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  7. Casa de Hip Hop Kolacho is an art school in Comuna 13 that I like very much. I like to read this much.



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