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Thursday, 7 November 2013

I am She...

I am She

the one who lives out loud

the one who lives for stillness

I am She

the one who pours out

the one who wants to be poured into

I am She

Fierce Maiden of the Night

not afraid of the darkness

for I know the treasures lie there

within the folds of the things that scare me

I am a tear
an exhale
a shout
a whisper
I am complicated
I am loud
I am
the sun
the moon
I wear the stars in my hair
and I dance with the mermaids in the sea

Wolf is my elder guide and companion
Grandmother Bear nurtures and comforts me
Eagle gives me strength and knowing
while Panther
stalks the shadows
reminding me of who I am
winking at me in the dark
and when I look at my face
I see Owl and Her Sacred Wisdom
I see what can't be seen
I know death
and am not afraid...

There has been but one thing
that scares me

This has been my biggest fear

one I no longer will carry

along with so many things

I have dropped along the wayside

to be naked

and unafraid

I am She





I am She

Walker of the Woods

Servant to the Mountains

Keeper of the Night Lantern

Dancer of the Sea

I am She

Who are you my lovelies?

Love and Light

inspired by my soul-friend and sister of the wood
and her divinely beautiful/heart touching/soul igniting new CD


  1. Under the sun's brilliant rays, I am the one standing naked, with a woolen poncho, 'cause it's winter. I am the one looking up at the owl's nest, saying a prayer, and asking for wisdom and patience and tolerance.
    I hear you, miss lovely. ;)

    1. beautiful beautiful beautiful!!!!!
      I see you there sister
      and you are like a beautiful ray of sun...a super nova....a harvest moon

      how blessed am I to know you♥

      love and light

  2. Oh Catherine! This was truly lovely......your words, your pictures......

    The following phrases really touched my heart and such wisdom to hold during those scary times

    not afraid of the darkness
    for I know the treasures lie there
    within the folds of the things that scare me

    reading this post really was a gift

    1. thank you Shirley
      love seeing you here
      thank you for enjoying the gift that this is...

      love and light

  3. I hear you loud and clear, Sister :) xo

    1. love you sister♥

      you always make me smile
      love and light

  4. I would love to hear you recite these words! (Aren't I cheeky? Giving requests for you to make an audio/video ... wow! with your words and more of your gorgeous images!) Oh my, how soul stirring, how deeply YES they are! I too learning to embrace all the seeming contradictions that make up me, make up life really. Feeling supported by my guides and ancestors to carry forward the thread of this narrative. So grateful for your beauty, light and inspiration. Thank you for your words on my space today ... feeling mama hands linking together as we all make our way forward into the great unknown that is parenting! xo

    1. yes
      linking us together
      the beautiful thing about Spirit
      bringing us all together
      each unique
      yet deeply connected

      you'd like to hear my voice you say??????

      love and light Lis
      so glad to have you here

  5. Oh My! I love this so beautiful, and just what i needed in this moment.

  6. I see you and know that you to be the words that your write. I read this post the other day, and am still thinking about your question - who am I? Who does the Creator say that I am? Its very powerful and encouraging. Thanks for asking!

    1. thank you for seeing me sister♥

      love and light


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