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Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Just a few things....

 This is my favourite time of year
I wish it were longer
but the rains soon will be coming
so I take it in the best I can
breathing in the deep, rich smell of the earth
taking in the fire colours of the leaves
feeling the cool breathe of impending winter
on my skin
as the sun warms my bones
in a far more gentle manner 
then he does
in Summer...
this is my season.

 So it seemed this would be the right season
to come out of the closet
and host my first public art show
(one of the projects that has kept me busy)

I will be hosting it at my girlfriends yoga studio
A beautifully, perfect venue for my imagery
I am excited to be sharing my art
along with being slightly over whelmed...

 With all this "coming out"
 a new photography web site
is being constructed 
it's old
and I have not updated it for over 6 months;
things need to be freshened up!
This weekend I am singing with 24 other women
and a beautiful, talented, heart moving friend of mine.
She is my sister of the wood,
She is debuting her second CD
to the world,

and I am lucky enough to play a little part
in this evening.
We will being singing back up for Cathy on 3 of her
new songs...
I know it will be a very special evening.

I am excited to share a new calendar for 2014...

"Animal Medicine"

Each page features a new animal
along with a brief summary of the medicine it carries.
Spiritual guidance
as we walk through the different seasons

all have something to share
with us
for 2014.

These calendars are for sale
by pay pal or money order.
They are 8.5x11 in size
and all images are my own.
$30 for orders with in North American
$30 + shipping costs for anywhere else in the world.
Please, leave a comment if one of these
belongs to you.
Tonight I am going to a
Gratitude and Blessings Circle
which I am looking forward to attending
amidst all the hustle and bustle 
of my life right now...
something to keep me grounded
and remind me of what

So thats just a few things
that are going on with me...
funny that there is so much
and yet, as I shared in my last post,
I am being pulled
into stillness within.
My sense is once this season is over
and obligations and commitments
 have been carried out
my Winter along with the New Year
will be very different
from what I have known...

What is going on with you
my lovelies?

Love and Light


  1. Just wonderful Cat, we are both on the same intuitive photography path I feel....
    I wish you every success with the exhibition...x

    1. yes we are Sue...I see you there often♥

      thank you so much!

      love and light

  2. Ok, now I want to quit my job and start doing something that fills my heart.
    You are busy as a bee, in directions taking you to where your soul lives. Where you belong, what you need, who you are. Mostly, you've found your way it sounds like.
    Cat, you've inspired me to find my way to a more meaningful existence and the changes that tug at my heart.
    Save me a calendar. What animal did you choose for May? ;)

    1. funny how a different perspective can lighten the load....
      that is what you just gave me my friend
      thank you
      though this season is a bit busier than I are right
      all that I am doing is of the heart...and that is good
      so instead of struggling with the busyness, I will embrace what it is I am doing

      and about that animal in May....Gorilla, pictured above : )

      love and light my wise friend!

  3. You've been busy my friend!! Sounds like lots of exciting projects! Wish I could hop on a plane and pop over to your art show! lots of love!!

    1. that would be great sophie!!!!
      if only it was that easy

      thanks for stopping by

      love and light

  4. Thank you for sharing your many gifts. The animal medicine calender looks amazing.


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