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Saturday, 29 June 2013

A Soul-full Journey...Day 19&20

Day 19
this morning I slept in
leading up to my moon 
I always feel more tired
and need more sleep
these are the days I am gentler
with myself

Hatha Yoga
Hatha yoga is a gentle holistic practice
it includes disciplines
postures (asana)
purification procedures (shatkriya)
gestures (mudra)
breathing (pranayama)
as a tool to bring balance
to the mind and body.
It represents opposing energies: 
hot and cold 
 male and female
 positive and negative
and takes one through the
and re birth
process of ones cycle
It is one of my favorites.
Today it was gentle
just what I needed.  
 I saw a bear
in my sister-friends yard
a young black bear
and curious
We had just been talking about spiritual protection...
He was a gift.
Today I came across two lost boys
one came to my door
he was canvassing for the Red Cross
I could not tell you if it was a scam or not
but he was the story I wanted to share
no direction
no grounding
all stemming from a life time
of neglect
How do I know this?
It oozed off of him
every cell of his body in confusion
every cell of his body screaming out
it was like I could hear his thoughts
I felt his heart
I knew his story
A wrinkle in time
and I stepped into his world.
He lingered with me long after
he was gone
I wished I would have said something
but in the moment
I was mute
soaking in the experience
and then
what would I have said
I do remember my mama love kicking in
surrounding him with it
saturating his being as best as I could
a lost boy
trying to find his way home....

the second came after a movie
Today was my little mans last day of grade 4
so off to the cheap movie theater we went
to veiw the new Iron Man
The lost boy was sitting out side of  a store
the residual affects of drug abuse evident
he was the age of my man-child...
maybe a couple years older 
he asked for change
I asked what for
he said he was hungry
"Can I buy you some food?"
I know it wasn't really what he wanted
but he conceded
and ask for a coke....
and a Klondike Bar
My little man and I went into the store
grabbing what he asked for
along with some other easy healthy items
My little man making the choices
asking the questions
feeling out the situation.
We handed him his bag of goods
I again wanted to say so much more
instead I spoke silently over him
" you matter
you are not nothing
your mother misses you"
Then I got back into my car
with my little man
talked about the lost boy
and I cried.
Lost Boys...
 Day 20
a day of connections
a day of "touching base"
12 noon
lunch after with my man-childs step mom
and a sister-friend
my home begins it's transformation into summer
 as do I
I have decided to embrace this summer
for all the adventure and revealing 
it has to offer
Summer has long been my least favorite season
I do not hate it
I just don't love it
My English/Irish heritage does not embrace
the deep heat
and hot emotions 
that come with Summer
But this year
this year I have deemed different
because I have a new found self
I look forward to what it brings....
like a 1 1/2 hour bike ride
in my "church"
shifting the restlessness of my approaching moon
and instead
moving my body
raising my heart rate
breathing in the earth
and all her beauty....
like long summer talks
with my husband
on the back deck
while my little man and his friend
play made up games in the yard...
and getting out little travel trailer
in running order
for some road trip adventures....
These are the things that feed
the Soul.
These are the things
that Summer offers
and I accept
with hands open
and heart full of gratitude
What is Summer bringing you 
my lovelies?
Love and Light


  1. I cried again. Your posts do this to me lol good tears!
    I've never been a summer person either.
    I feel a shift this year too. I don't have the normal loathing of summer either and this summer is bringing people to me. Normally, I am an arm's reach away from people needing a lot of recharging but I feel that changing too. I've shifted from " they drain me" to "let me love them in the way they most need it". I did not do this entirely on my own. It wasn't a conscious effort but something tells me, move and breathe and love and connect. Amazing really! love you xoxo

    1. I cried too sister
      even reading my own words make me cry
      i fell the more I come into contact with these situations the more courage i will have to say those things that come...but I wait till I am lead to do so
      love that you are feeling the same about this summer
      i feel it will hold many blessings
      and I want to be open to them : )

      have a wonderful long weekend♥

      love and light

  2. I cried too. Lost boys...somehow it grabs my heart so much.
    And I echo both you and Nyssa down to every word...this is the first summer I am enjoying myself a bit...I would add that summer is also the time to get things done because the rest of the year is so cold- we only have a small window of time on the prairies to do yard work, and renos and anything that requires warmer temperatures so for my family it is our busy season. SO busy we barely slow down. It gets crazy!:)
    Love that you both are loving it!

  3. Make me cry, why don't cha. That story of the kid, homeless, wanting a Klondike bar.
    "Your mother misses you". Sososo powerful. You would know, huh?
    Gentleness and summer embrace. Travel trailers to places unknown.
    Bears and yoga and healing and love. Thank you for fulfilling my evening.

    1. you are so welcome my prairie girl sister!

      love and light

  4. You are truly wonderful. I too have a hard with summer. I am already so hot-spirited, summer heat tends to make me unbearable. Since moving, it has been quite pleasant - no 90 degree so far, hooray! And thank you for the reminder to be gentle with ourselves. xoxo

    1. lol
      hot-spirited...yes I so get that!

      as we ease into this season...lets make sure we bring lots of cold drinks and ice! lol

      love and light M


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