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Monday, 29 October 2012

Monday Offering...a little late

This offering comes to you late...
sorry my lovelies
I so wanted to tell you about a great man
who I had the pleasure of listening to
and spending time with
last weekend 
founder of  The Orphan Wisdom School

There is so much I want to share with you
that I learnt
but my body has been taken over with a cold
and my energy has been sapped

So instead I offer you and chance to get familiar
with Stephen yourself
by watching his very moving
(just click on Documentary or Grief Walker)

"Not success
Not growth
Not happiness.
The cradle of your 
Love of Life
is Death."
~Stephen Jenkinson

"If I had a chance
I would rather be whole than good"

If you watch the documentary
I would love to hear your thoughts....

 my lovelies
as we love the flower that blooms
knowing it will not last forever
as we watch the season change
knowing they do not last for ever
as we watch the moon wax and wane
and appreciate each stage of its light
so it is with our lives...
live well
my lovelies
for one day it will end.

I do not say this is sadness or denial
everything comes to and end
I am a human being
that will not live forever
so before my time comes
I will live as fully as I can
in each moment
in each breathe
grateful to be alive

Love and Light

(images captured today out front of my home)


  1. I feel the same..nothing is permanent ..especially this body. Our culture is afraid of death and this fear keeps us away from living..I also love the Carl Jung quote where he said that it is important to feel whole rather than good..because goodness is very relative and wholeness is all encompassing.

    I will watch the documentary by Stephen Jenkinson, thank you for suggesting.

    I wish you a speedy recovery from cold, wish you good health, take care and take rest.

  2. Love and Light to you too, 'dance the moments between the raindrops' that's what I say and am learning to do...........x

  3. Beautiful! I hope that you are feeling better. Thinking of you.

  4. I hope you feel better soon, my friend xoxox

  5. Beautiful fall leaves Cat. Hope you're rested and recovered now. love, Sx


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