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Friday, 4 May 2012

A beautiful reminder...

I need a reminder
of who I am

"heaven come down"

Thank Goddess for sisters who take the time to remind you*

Who/What  is reminding you of your worth today lovelies?

Love and Light

p.s. there has been an much needed up date on our photography web page...go here to take a look
     know that all our prints can be purchased through this web page 

PPS thank you to all who commented on my last post, I am away and can not email you as I normally do so I have post responses to some of your comments....xo


  1. what a beautiful card with such a beautiful message! what is reminding me of my worth today? cleaning believe it or not. I mean intensive cleaning..I haven't gone this deep into storage closets in years.. I'm gutting my external environment and it's gutting all the icky emotions and confusion I'm feeling today. so for me, a what, not a who..but it's magic nonetheless ;) hope you're having a wonderful time xox

  2. There is nothing more sacred in this day of everything digital than a handwritten note, infused with the energy of a specific person.
    And that Buddha pic takes my breath away soothing and genuine.

  3. I love this reminder for you... we so completely need those that are for us to remind us of who we are. So vital and such a precious gift to your journey.

    Got your updated photog page bookmarked!

  4. We can never have too many reminders telling us how special we are. The need to feel we are valued is...priceless, and nothing can fill a void like someone we love and adore telling us we are valued.

    Beautiful posting!



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