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Friday, 7 December 2012

Love Language....

a little thought to ponder
as we enter the weekend...

What is my Love Language?

Like most
a gift is always adored
as it is a way of knowing
you think about me when I am not
with you

but nothing too big
and nothing for the sake of a gift
something that reflects your thoughts 
of me
always brings joy

a letter
a card
the written word
is always held so dear
tangible thoughts
I go back to again and again
when I forget
that I am loved

But what I really love
is time
intentional time
time with you
time to sit and talk
to walk and reflect
time to exchange thoughts
time in silence
time in laughter
time in sorrow
side by side
across a table
not touching
not speaking...

my Love Language is time...
time together
this means more to me than anything
though the others things are lovely
this one means the most
and in a busy world
it has become
more and more precious
to me

What is your Love Language 
my lovelies?

have a wonderful weekend
spend some intentional time
with someone you love xo

Love and Light


  1. I love the question. My love language is time as well and attention. Not just any attention but when I am with someone, in their physical presence, I need to know I'm heard. My husband has a leeeetle problem in this department ;) but we're working on it. Have a beautiful weekend yourself!! xxoxo

  2. That's my love language with people I love and my community of women... Even time given in comments in the blog world means just as much as the words... But in most other places its words of affirmation or with extended family it's gifts;)

  3. I had always wondered what your love language was!
    Now I know!
    Wishing I could spend that time with you, lovie... really love knowing you better!

    My love languages are words and time ;)

  4. Mine would probably also be people friends time spent sharing communicating
    Love and light Cat you are loved
    I also love real communication letters via snail mail cafe catch ups etc

  5. I would have to say "time" without giving this a lot of thought, and I may think it is something different after thinking about it. Probably because I have come to realize how precious moments are, and they do pass so quickly. When we're in our teens and twenties, even thirties, we think we have forever...time passes so quickly and "I" am trying to learn to enjoy moments.

    Happy Friday, Cat!


  6. Great post - I'm words first and foremost. I re-visit words and I believe words. I hope I am also quick to share genuine words of love and encouragement. Have a beautiful weekend x

  7. Beautiful post. My love language is probably gratitude, reverence and attention

  8. Lovely post, Cat. ♥
    I'm not sure what my love language is with the rest of the world, but with my husband it is definitely time. I love spending time with him. He's my best friend.

  9. I can never pick mine...
    oh man and I am so sorry because I absolutely SUCK big time at the gifts one, not because I don't like to give, but because I only like to give something special and appropriate. I spend HOURS sometimes searching and often come up empty handed. Story of my life. crazy huh.

  10. Its a Smile, Acknowledgement, Valuing my own/other people's smallest efforts, Empathy and Privacy /non-interference when one wants to be left alone.
    wishing you a lovely day !
    {P.S: Please, if you don't mind sharing , can you send me your mailing/postal address via email ? It would be great !}
    take care,

  11. My love language is cooking and being cooked for. It's my Italian mother's gift to me: the desire to break bread and send loved ones home with pie for breakfast tomorrow. If you were here I'd stuff you full of manicotti :) xoxox


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