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Monday, 10 December 2012

Monday Offering...Marshal Davis Jones

Slam Poetry.....

a reflection of our modern world
it makes one think...

this one brought tears to my eyes
so powerful!

Some things to think about as we
head into our week
my lovelies....

would love to hear your responses

Love and Light


  1. powerful. I cried at the point when he said father is spelled m o t h e r. I was a single mama for many many years and this really hit home. thank you for sharing these. I was really moved. xo

  2. Yes mother...Glad to see it being acknowledged as sacred.

  3. Hi Cat, enjoyed watching both, but I found the second a bit challenging, the American accent and all but I think I got the gist of it, and yes I think world-wide it is recognised how many roles a single mum has to play!

    The first video was very thought provoking and entertaining to say the least, but the one thing I would say in 'response', and think you know why! - The word 'feel' came up a lot, not until I connected with my on-line sisters did I ever 'feel' such loving 'genuine' connections!!! I do agree with much of this person's sentiment except for this one thing, as with anything there can be a down side, but our channel for real connections I feel is an extraordinary and phenomenal blessing. As I said recently to another blogger to quote - "I strongly believe that a powerful 'movement' will be the result of our united creativity via the internet!" x


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