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Wednesday, 5 December 2012

A Gift for you and A Christmas Prequel

It has been a while since I have been here
Thank you to all who left such great responses to
I pray, that if you feel so inclined,
you will go to our web page
and sponsor a child this Christmas

it is true
I had yet another birthday this past weekend
Dec. 1

taking a great idea from my soul-sister Celina
I want to offer you A Gift

 in way of a post card
of my favourite image.

Leave me a comment 
and I will connect with you
for your mailing address.
This birthday was special
and really it became a prequel to Christmas
(and this special birthday/prequel to Christmas is why
 I have been MMA this last week)

It is because of this lovely lady
and her family
my birthday became more than a birthday...

A day before my birthday they arrived
these beautiful happy faces
on their way home to New Zealand
coming from China where they have lived
for the last 18 months.
Gail and I are bloggy friends
meeting via the internet about 3 years ago.
And here we were having our first face to face time
for my birthday
what a gift
what a joy
what a thrill.
When I saw her enter the ferry terminal
coming back over from Vancouver Island
I felt like I was being reunited with an old friend
I hadn't seen for years
There was something beyond familiar...
it was so good
Her children beautiful 
Her husband wonderful 
and so awesome to go along with this crazy ride!

There is something so unique when you meet a bloggy friend
for the first time
(I wrote about it here
when I had my last bloggy friend hook up)
You get to pass all those small talk pleasantries
and get right into it
because you know so much about each other
I love that
I felt like I knew Gail's children 
watching them grow up via her blog
I felt a closeness to them...
So what does one do on a birthday
with very special out of town guests???

We you ride the Polar Express of course!!!!

Though the rains came
we ventured into the mountains to Squamish 
to board The Polar Express 
for cookies and hot chocolate
and Christmas Carolling
and after
there was a visit to the Round House 
to decorate cookies
write Santa letter
and see the Big guy himself with his lovely wife

and yes
we were so gangsta! 

...especially in our new HOT pyjamas!!
(yes I am standing  on my feet...not kneeling down,
maybe that is why Gail and MJ liked us so much...I reminded
them of the hobbits back home)
Our days were filled with down time
and enjoying one another's company...
The outer world stopped for us all...

bush whacking
a little much for my 
city girl

The time together was precious
the weather not the best
but they did not care
My favourite was times like these

when I would catch the kids
snuggled up together
doing whatever they were doing at the time
they got on so well
it was heart warming
Truly, much of what we experienced
I just can not put into words
It was what both families needed 
Completely Divinely planned.
A Gift
A warming up to The Christmas Season
Next time
the visit will be longer
and yes
there will be a next time.
We ended our visit with a night out...

fancy umbrella cocktails were in order!

a drive around to see the Christmas lights...

and ending the night with her...

she was sitting right on the side of the road
in a sparse tree
that very day I said to MJ that owls were living here in abundance
but seeing one was not always so easy
and there she was
close enough we could have touched her
Our guests had never seen an owl before
and anyone who knows me knows about my connection
to them
this was such a blessing upon us all
ending out time together this way
The children especially loved it when
the owl pooped!!!
they laughed so loud they startled her 
and she flew into a tree a little ways away
oh those kids
lots of laughter shared!
(mmm or was it MJ and Steve that laughed the loudest!!!???!!!)

So good bye my gangsta friends
until we meet again
Remember the home-fire is always burning
and The Robe awaits your return!!!
(We know our secret fame is safe with you.)

What a birthday it has been
and a wonderful prequel to Christmas...
Don't forget to comment for a post card
I am thrilled to send one your way : )

What are you doing to prepare for the Christmas season
my lovlies?

Love and Light

(ps thanks to all my other wonderful sister-friends who made my day special
I love you dearly)


  1. This made me feel so warm and tingly. connections so beautiful, soulful and magical. i completely fell in love with this post. i feel the deep connections here. love this!! so glad you had such a wonderful birthday!!

  2. Wishing you a Happy Birthday Cat ! Delicious cake !
    I am happy to see you with your loved ones ! Great photographs too, can feel the scenic beauty from here {picture no. 13 -the landscape photo with water and hills is wonderful}. I also love the owl -have not seen one for long.
    wishing you a lovely day !

  3. Happy Birthday! it does look wonderful and delicious:)
    You know what is uncanny? That couple is identical to a couple here in my town. I showed my hubby and he was like, "WHat are they doing out there...wait a minute that is not their kids...and he died laughing at the uncanny resemblance of not just the woman but the a couple- they are IDENTICAL to another couple in town. Not even joking. Weird!
    Glad you had a lovely time with friends. Sounds like a blast. I loved the pictures!

  4. Happy Birthday to a wonderful and beautiful lady! A meeting on this level with those you have only known through a computer screen and the written word is a true blessing indeed. All of you have warm and cozy memories to tuck away to pull out when you need to feel an extra close connection.

    So glad you had a great time...and a Happy Birthday!

    You're a special lady, Cat.


  5. Happy birthday Cat! I wish you a year filled with joyous connection and love.

    Love your shot of the owl - beautiful <3

  6. Firstly happy happy birthday, again, Cat!!

    And I loved this post so very much... what a priceless treasure to meet a bloggy friend!

    This post was absolutely heart warming and full of love! Beautiful!

  7. Oh this makes me smile. Happiest of birthdays to you! That train ride looks absolutely magical! xo

  8. a bit late but...... happy day of birth you beautiful soul!! may the year ahead bring you amazing things and loving souls.

  9. Happy belated Birthday! What a most magical present for you! May your year be filled with even more magic, connections, beauty and peace. Aho!

  10. OH SO COOL seeing the delightful diva herself in your part of the world! It gives me such joy to see such lovely people connecting in real life an adventure and a VERY cool birthday present xx

  11. a happy belated birthday to you!! what an absolutely amazing way to spend your special day. how lucky to make that face-to-face connection with a blog friend. hope the next year brings you many happy memories!

  12. Happy Birthday you sweet dear lady! This sounds like a day in paradise. What a precious family! And I know what you mean about meeting blogging friends, I've only met one; but it was magical. And I almost forgot...

    *holds out a red velvet cupcake with cream cheese icing*

    Hope you like cake. :) *Hugs*

  13. Love you friend. MJ and I are still talking about it. The kids are missing yours like crazy and it has only been 24hours. We LOVED the entire time with you. SO CRAZY. LOVED it. It was like wearing a comfy, favourite sweatshirt and drinking a well-aged wine. So good.
    Love how God justs knows.
    See you soon. Will blog etc when it happens... as you know.
    Yours, forever fused by THE ROBE.

  14. I want to cry reading this. I thought about you two constantly when i knew you were together, wondering what you were getting up to. Heart full. Eyes leaking. Goosebumps much.

  15. I sent you a mail just now with my email address! sorry for that. you asked me to send my mailing address -so I am sending it right now.

  16. Biggest SMILE! Like ever!!
    oooooh! I'm in absolute love with this for you friends!
    That pic of the kids snuggled together!!! eee! awesome xx

  17. Lovely for you to have been with one of your blogging family, you looked very happy, the perfect birthday pressie hey!

    Hugs x

  18. Happy belated birthday!! What an awesome gift for you! All the images fill me with such joy I can only imagine how happy you were!

  19. Happy belated Cat!!! What a celebration!! It's truly special to meet a bloggy friend in person :). I have met three and it's almost like magic :). What a special day for you, and may many more come!!!

  20. Wow. That was quite a thrill! What a lucky hobbit you are, surrounded by so much love and laughter!
    I'm wishing you a belated happy birthday, arms outstretched as far as they will go, wrapped around you in a hug so tight and a kiss for luck. You have beautiful memories to hold. And that owl...was the magic.
    Love! xx

  21. Oh I'm crying eyes leaking how beautiful and yes I totally agree re meeting bloggy friends

    1. I experienced this earlier this year when the gorgeous Ana Maria in Portugal took me and my family into her home for 10 days LOVE!!!!!
      And squee the Polar Express LOVE my kids would love it !!!

  22. Happy (late) Birthday, Cat!
    It's so cool that you and Gail got to get togeter!!
    Your kids look so sweet together. :)

  23. Oh that's so beautiful! I am quite welled up with a few little tears!
    Cat, I'm so sorry I missed your birthday! Happy Happy Birthday! I'm so glad you could celebrate it in style!

  24. EEEE! SO jealous, in a good way! So glad that you had a wonderful time with Gail, CANNOT wait to hear all about it xxxx

  25. And happy belated birthday friend xxxxxxxxx

  26. Oh I can't believe I missed this Cat! How amazing that you guys got to get together - beautiful!!


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