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Friday, 28 December 2012

The Gift...

doing the Christmas Kettle with Nana

getting ready for our dinner guests

black shiny dogs and black shiny shoes

the table is set

 the turkey is cooked
on the bbq!

and finally
...time together is shared

As one who was raised, steeped in religion 
I find this time of year interesting as I navigate my way
through this season
with a new perspective and a heart re-born
to all the possibilities that are offered to us
by Creator
by Spirit
by God
by the Universe
all of these to me
being One
I hold dear the memories of childhood
the stories
the ritual
the magic
of the child born...
and all the stories with in that story...
I marvel that this story
of a chosen child
lies in the stitching of many a Spiritual Path
in many a Religious Forum
and that this child
of simple birth
represents the Deep Magic
the Amazing Love
the Powerful Wonder
that comes from the place we all come from
a place where we are not separated by 
social status
belief systems
A place where we all shine
like the Stars in the skies
that hold messages deep.

What ever you belief of this season is
I pray/wish/hope
you found your Love
that you found your Light
that you came that much closer
to getting back to yourself
The Self that is home
The Self that is the you
The YOU 
you were created to be...
because as the story goes
the characters of great worth
were the most unassuming
they were the simplest of sorts
feeling as though
they had nothing to offer
and yet....

So it is with each of us
We each hold a gift that needs to be given
and in turn
there are many a gift to receive
with open hearts
and open hands
We are poured into
to then pour out.

What are the gifts you share
my lovelies?
What are some of the gifts
you received?

continued blessings to you this holiday season
much change has been happening in my world
I will be sharing soon...
funny thing
is it has to do with gifts....

Love and Light


  1. Love and blessings to you and the family!! We are still in between homes here. Will try and write properly as soon as I have time. Was hoping to get a little something to the young Scientist in time for his birthday, but it will be belated. We are just so disorganized and slightly disorientated!!

    Love to you all. Love that puppy prince and Christmas greetings to Nana too!!

  2. It looks beautiful warm and cozy
    I love your final summing up
    For me now with little ones it is so magical the beauty of the day
    I loved being with my family
    Love and Light
    From one Cat to another xxx

  3. Thank you for sharing the beautiful and colorful pictures of Christmas season ! I also want to express my gratitude and thanks to you for the postcard I received the other day by post !It is so lovely and I will cherish it forever. {I have sent you an email for that}.
    Wishing you all the best, take care!

  4. Festive!! My, you sure can decorate accordingly, my sista of the moon and sky.
    My family always comments, in a somewhat sarcastic way, about how if we all got together, it would be a Norman Rockwell Christmas. Looks like it, from the pictures! I'm happy you're happy and I'm anxiously waiting to hear about changes to come. Knowing you, you've got some great things up your sleeve!
    Joy to you this new year! Yeah! xo

  5. Love it. I so love your home. very festive. My hubby wants an open living space like yours:) It sounds like you had a sweet season. The greatest gift I received was having an almost perfect end to a not so perfect year...and getting back my stomach health to finally eat properly two days ago! Yay. It made such a difference. I loved my Christmas....and seeing old friends:)

  6. Blessings backwards to You & Yours.
    Your photographs capture the emotion and moments. Family & Love shared. Thank You for sharing this here.
    As always, Your words reach me and fit just right to the moment.
    I am writing a post slowly to offer, gathering for weeks as this Season stirs me. This year has altered the perspective I have held in the Past. All new and fresh, good. Love to You, Sister.


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