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Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Retreat Reflections#6...a last look

Letting go card....
"Being true to myself"
I will
love myself
When I get confused
about what to do
I just have to remember
that I need to be 
true to myself
I will break free of the hold
that others-and their expectations
have on me...
Soul Coaching: Playfulness
"My joy is the greatest gift
that I give to others!"
That was one of the many messages I received 
during our time away at retreat this year.
Not all our time was spent on ourselves...

We released prayers for others...

We released gratitude back to Mother Earth...
and we watched as our gratitude grew
just by us releasing it.

We took joy in the simplest of beauties
and listened to all messages coming our way
Receptive to what was being shown...

We marinated in our sisterhood...

and humour in our humanness...

Life is full of many paths
Nothing remains as it is
An Ebb and Flow is forever present
this is the way
Spirit is always with us
In all that is around us
is Spiritual
and to live as such
takes practice
constant re-connecting.
With God
With ourselves
With each other...

It is why we choose this path
of gathering
To learn to grow to practice...
It is why I choose to share myself 
in this space
with you
to gather here with you
to learn
to grow
to practice...

morning card
" We are all working toward the same goal: JOY"
Whether  it seems like it or not
you are all working towards the same
ultimate goal of Joy.
You are just approaching things
in different ways,
and all of it is working.
When I entered this retreat
I was burdened by my mind
I was heavy with emotions
I needed space to unravel
I needed stillness to hear
I needed time to Be
I was given it all
and more.
That is what happens
when we give ourselves Soul Care
When we allow ourselves
Spiritual Indulgence
It is a good practice
to practice
: )

What are you doing
my lovelies
to give yourself
Soul Care?
(Doing retreats with others
is just one kind of Soul Care.
Soul Care comes in all sorts of forms...
whether it be creating, being out in nature, meditating...
what ever it is that speaks to your heart of hearts
what ever it is that makes you heart grow beyond your body
whatever it is 
that helps you hear Divinities voice
speaking straight to your heart,
that is Soul Care.

Love and Light

more on our retreat found here


  1. This was one of the most beautiful things I have ever read. My soulcare comes from being true to who I really am and after being on this planet for 45 years now, there is a lot to throw off, that doesn't fit. My soulcare is the throwing off of those things. It's not easy, it hurts, it can be fear filled at times but I know, in the end, it will be worth it. I am sitting with the little girl I was, often and I'm telling her to not believe the lies. That is how I'm reaching deep into who I was before the world told me who I should be. When I fully reach her again and convince her that she is just fine, I will be whole again. That's how I'm looking at it anyway. loved this xoxo

  2. One thing I do to care for my soul, to nourish it, is by visiting your space, this uplifting spot that reminds me to be passionate about life. That there is no better way than to embrace the beauty we see in everyone and everything. Most importantly, to be kind to ourselves.
    That gorgeous curly red hair, that glow, that SMILE. Your eyes tell me you are content and the card is accurate. x

  3. Great post Cat! to care for my soul, I recently re-visited and reflected on our weekend retreat and by remembering the sacred space we created and shared together, it nourished my soul. S. xx

  4. I like that term...Soul Care...its so important, yet its something we don't always make time for. When I take the time for soul care, it is then that I remember everything is spiritual. Thanks for your beautiful words and sharing your retreat with us. You remind me to seek the Creator in everything.

  5. I guess my soul care is finding beautiful things and then sharing them! Whether it is goods, decor, books, music or people...That is what refreshes me:) I loved this - very beautiful. You look so relaxed and at peace.

  6. Hey sweet lady. I think I saw a comment you left on Mrs D's blog??? The "Love and light" gave it away- have you seen how blown away she was? If you did leave it you are amazing, and if you didn't it could have been written by you and reminded me that you are amazing anyway! xx

  7. And did not imagine that you are small! You come across as super tall!!!

  8. LOVE those pictures of the six of you!!! Gorgeous women all! Such beautiful photos and the message is just as lovely.
    Catherine Denton

  9. Ohhh I'm so the pics and the togetherness of a woman tribe. So inspiring :)

  10. I love this. I love the tribe that you have here, so full of light. I'm in search for that locally. Its so hard to find like minded goddesses to share my heart with in "real life". I'm grateful for women online like you!

  11. Received a lovely card from you today, thank you so much. Wishing you all the best in 2013. So so glad to see you with your tribe. Much love


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