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Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Retreat Reflections#3...A Walk with Mother Nature

On this beautiful afternoon 
it was she who lead us
into the forest
walking by water
breathing in Mother Nature 
and the stories She tells

May the Great Spirit bless you
may the Great Spirit guide you
may the Great Spirit be with you
As you walk your way...

Walking allows you to contemplate Life
It gives you time
precious time
to go deeper and consider fundamental questions...

What is the purpose of Life?
Am I fulfilling my purpose in Live?
What have I done that has made the world
a better place?
What ought I do?
What comes after life?
What is the best way to live the rest of my life?
As we walked
she asked us to me mindful of our surroundings
the purpose was to be quiet
and really listen
and see the beauty of nature around us.
She said,
"Consider the age of all that is around you...
all this came before you, 
before your forefathers, 
before the indigenous human species,
all this was already here."

We stood
in stillness
within Nature
that blessed us with 
the wisdom of the ages.
We let that wisdom wash through us
as we let ourselves rest and relax
in the knowledge
that we were
exactly where we were
supposed to be.

And I felt the release continue within
I felt the unraveling of the journey I walked
I felt the Love of that which walks with me
Of the Great Spirit
The Universe
The one
who never leaves me

The Water
The Forest
They call to me
At the pool of water
 Mother is waiting for me
The Feminine Divine
Her voice is soft and gentle
She says my name
And in Her eyes I see myself
She is rooted with strength and grace
Knowing her place
She is speaking to me with no words
Deep within me she has places a message...
one I am not able to hear right now
But I feel loved and connected

she comes closer
"You are chosen"

I am at peace
I am okay
I am
~Catherine Beerda Basso
copyright 2012


Do you feel  The Feminine Divine speak to you
my lovelies?
What does she say?

Love and Light


  1. Quite a though provoking post. You have raised some important questions indeed by asking what is the meaning of life, what is our life purpose? I feel that the intuitive,imaginative and idealist souls will always value these questions in their lives. Growing up, I always wanted to find out the meaning of life. But as days are passing by, I am feeling more at ease with myself, even though I keep thinking about these questions. It seems that now, I have a lesser need to prove my worth/ need of my existence than I used to before...maybe the spiritual guidance " Be here and now " and "you are already complete " has helped me to reach that point somewhat.
    wishing you a wonderful day !

  2. Yes, beautiful. I also do not feel the urge so much. Sometimes I write about inner reflections but it is never to prove my worth as I know it is there...always..and often when I am seemingly doing "nothing." This was very true in that regard of loving self, seeing worth, being free. I just wish more ladies would see the unique beauty in themselves, the utter divine of existence, the peace in understanding...
    thank you for sharing.

  3. Beautiful and moving, Cat...reading this post was healing and peaceful. The photos are powerful...and I can only imagine the feeling you experienced in this place of awesomeness.

    You are a loving soul, Cat.


  4. Oh Cat what a beautiful beautiful poem I LOVE it
    so peaceful xxx

  5. I think the most beautiful feeling is to feel 'at peace', I'm absorbing this with your words here, it is precious.

    Suey x

  6. She tells me what I need to hear. She says, don't hide behind doubt. We are all so unique and we must give of ourselves and pass it out to others, whatever your gift may be. One of the greatest things we can give is to listen. And I've always believed we are where we're suppose to be, today, right now. Have a laugh this weekend, my dear Cat! xo

  7. Today, as I struggle with discouragement and wondering about the things you spoke of...our purpose,are we making a difference,are we doing what we are supposed to be... I thought what can I do to feel encouraged? And she said to me "go read Cat's blog". So here I am with you and all these lovely women and it is good.
    Thanks for sharing your life and your beautiful insights with us. Also, I hope you know that I think you are wonderful!

  8. what a beautiful poem Cat, and a beautiful place to be....thanks so much for taking us with you!

  9. Oooh love love.... to answer your question is really hard for me.
    When I think of God, my conditioning always thinks of a male...but I know that I have experienced El Shaddai...the many breasted one.
    That name of God is actually written in the feminine. I know this aspect of God...but it feels weird to call God a she.. .isn't that funny??
    I know it will come in time. Beautiful time at the retreat, Cat.. just loving the beauty of all you are sharing. Makes me cry and smile.

  10. I love your words and you. xoxox A


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