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Thursday, 11 October 2012

Reflections of Thanksgiving...

some of my favourite Thanksgiving moments
on my family trip 
to my brothers place 
in the next province over...

~sleeping children

~a dog ready to ride

~Rogers Pass
elevation 1,330m or 4,360 ft 

~a magical place in the middle of no where

~driving through The Rockies... the wide open spaces of the prairies

~having face time with a bloggy soul sister

and her family!
what a treat that was 
thanks Kmarie for your amazing hospitality
there is nothing like being able to pass all the "standard" pleasantries
when meeting someone for the first time
that is the interesting thing about meeting blogger friends
you have already bared your soul
so there is no need for appetizers, 
you get right to the main course of conversation
so refreshing!

~road side graveyards

~my fellow weekend warrior paintballers!!!
oh yeah baby
mama loved the paintball!

~spending time with one of my favourite people in the world
and his lovely family

~my beautiful niece getting engaged
and being there to take their engagement photos for them

~good food and fellowship
~silly games and belly laughter
~quality wine at good prices

~and this guy
a great way to end it all...

Feeling blessed
Feeling full
Feeling like even when it rains
the Sun in shining bright

How are you feeling my Lovelies?

Love and Light


  1. Lovely photos Cat, Canada is such an amazing place. I'm amazed that you got to see a bear!! Wowee!!

  2. What beautiful reflections on your weekend. you take beautiful photos!! I can feel your fullness xoxoxo ( and it's contagious) xo

  3. I enjoyed my time with you too! It was lovely!!! I am so blessed to be able to see other parts of your weekend here all looks inspiring!:) Thanks for sharing!

    1. Weee hooooo! Love that you two got to connect! So canNOT wait to connect with you both in real life as you!

  4. Such happiness radiating from this post

  5. Yes I agree with Cat, happiness just radiates! Love your happy snapshots of life this post- makes me want to visit Canada!

  6. wow! all so cool. CHECK OUT THAT BEAR!
    love the engagement pic

  7. Aaahhhh!!! You got to meet K!!!!!!! How absolutely WONDERFUL! My heart lept when I saw my friends in that pic... such the truth isn't it? When you are bloggy friends, you are soul sisters! Beautiful!
    Loved all you shared in pictures and words... beautiful!


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