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Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Retreat Reflections #1...When Trees Speak....

our first morning
and she leads us....

we follow
trusting and willing

we are to pick a tree
one that speaks to us
one we can use
as our security symbol
one with which we can
connect to the Divine....

I have come to this retreat raw
from a summer of grieving and transformation
I compare it to being dragged
across the pavement
and yet
being given everything
you ever dreamed of
all at once...
I am raw and open
I find my tree

the minute  I touch my tree
the tears pour out of me, and I say
"I want this time of mourning to be over"

the tree says
"I have been waiting for you
I am here for you
We are bound together 
We are one"

The birds come 
to say hello
They come closer,
to get a better look

don't go
please stay
I want them to come back.....

I am closer to myself then I have ever been
and yet
I feel so insecure
I am challenged by that
struggling with that

This place gives me peace
I want to stay here
"Is that alright?"
I ask
"Is it alright to want to hide 
in everything that brings me closer
to You?

Yes is alright

My roots are strong
they are thick, old and wise
Now I must reach up to the heavens
Up to Abba Father so that
my branches can grow
I hunger for the Light

For the deep darkness of Mother Earth 
has served me well
Now the Balance
The pushing Deep
The Raising up High
Opening my heart
Releasing my Souls Essence

Allowing Life to come to full fruition
I have Rooted
Exposed my heart
Now is the time
For my branches to grow

I breathe in compassion & understanding
Breathing out
criticism & doubt 

These are the things that happen
When Trees Speak

What do the tree say to you
my lovelies?

Love and Light


  1. I loved reading your photo essay. It was intense and beautiful. Just like that tree, I also long for something eternal and safe to hold on to...for me it is my home/my room...I feel peace there.
    I have a special bonding with nature , with trees...nature heals my spirit like no one else.
    I feel that this retreat has transformed you in many has brought out the raw emotions hidden inside you..which was so much needed...
    I was sick for a long time, as you know...this sickness/illness has also exposed my emotions in many ways and I am moving one step closer to being the real me...redesigning my priorities and my life ..just like you.
    Wishing you all the best.
    I am sending you love and good will,

  2. I love trees. I feel trees heal and speak too. I also am sending you goodwill and love. I am so glad you had that retreat. That marvellous sisterhood. I long for that sometimes...So much. sometimes we need all the raw to weep. Some people dont allow themselves that chance or do not get the opportunity....

  3. I echo Kmarie. she said it better than I could. so much love to you my sister xoxox

  4. OH! OH my Cat! I've missed you! For three whole days, I stayed away from my ipad and cell phone! It was NICE. But, I've missed out on so much of your life's awakenings! First of all, YES YES to the new look. The YOU look! You, my sister of the earth, look alive and ready to fly! The tree story made me weep, but that is good. I think I just might have to name a tree after you too, now won't I? I will choose an aspen. I'm sorry for that girl. This world can be cruel and damaging.
    You are like that little pine cone you hold in your hand. There are nourishing little surprises and changes that offer themselves up year round. Peace to you always, m'lady.

  5. Yes. You.
    Love to You.
    I am always holding my Breath when I read Your words and take in Your photographs. With wonder and awe, feeling the tale and gift of Your experiences. Thank You. I release the Breath and smile.
    Trees have always spoken to me since I was a girl-child. I would seek the forest and press my cheek to the bark, wrap my arms around them. Take naps in the roots. The humming of their ancient language, is like a deep embrace. I have been introducing my sons to this also just a few Days ago. Reading Your words here as ever, weaves a deeper thread of connection.
    I look forward to Witnessing Your branches spread and reach to such great heights. You.
    All the Love.

  6. That face...I'd know it in a crowd. You are beautiful, sister.

  7. We walked out last night in the dark, our usual walk with our dogs, through ancient woodland where huge oaks grow, I thought about your post having read it earlier. I made my way over to a handsome silhouette, the biggest oak I set my sight on and gave it a great big hug, I felt secure and comforted by the act and close to you! x

    PS I got my love to hug the tree too, I asked what he felt? He said a bit silly and wondered if anyone had seen him ;~)LOL

  8. Oh CAt.. love love you... I have a picture I want to send you. Thought of it after reading your post.

    You picture..the one of you looking directly into the camera shows your weariness. My goodness.. hoping for that release and that beginning for you. I know there is more to come as you share. Hoping that was the gift you took from this retreat.

  9. Cat, this is an amazing post, full of emotion that breaks the through the threads of cyberspace -- so beautiful.

    I find so much healing in nature - trees, I find to be magnificent! God gave us nature and animals to teach us all we need to know. They provide answers to all our questions if we seek...

    A different tree speaks to me each time I go outside. Some, always have words of wisdom.

    I'm thrilled you are enjoying this time of healing and restoration. May it continue on and on...

    Lots of love.


    P.S. As always, thank you for your visits.


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