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Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Experiencing the Divine...

Fully Surrounded
Deeply Nourished

We came
Ready and Needing
to be filled

6 women
6 stories
6 Divine Purposes

Through ceremony
we entered
On forest Floor
we opened
Into Mother Nature
we were called
In Shadow
we found our Gifts

Candles lit
Alter laid
Prayers lifted up
Stillness Honoured
And so we were

Returning back to Ourselves...again
The Channeller
The Lover
The Teacher
The Poet
The Shaman
The Guide

Each offering tears and self
Each pouring out and taking in
Arms open wide
Ready for Truth
Ready for the next season
Of our Journey
Ready for Love


Hello my lovelies
an enlightening weekend was spent
I look forward to unfolding it
with you
As I marinate in all that was revealed
I remain in stillness
and look forward to a long weekend of Thanksgiving
here in Canada
I pray all is well with your soul
I pray you live in the truth of how Loved you are
how precious and unique
how every part of you is beautiful
and that you live in the abundance
of Divine Love
Nothing you say or do 
makes that anymore real
It is because It is
as you are
because You are...

Love and Light

for more on the retreat
click on the links below...


  1. You are so lovely:) I love that you continue to do these life giving retreats. I want to hear more when you come visit. See you soon! YAY:)

  2. Love it's awesome and it really captures the essence of our sacred time together this weekend. Thank you for posting it so beautifully. Well done my dear sister.

  3. I so wish I could have been there for this. Amazing. So full and deep and your words here, just crawled right inside me and i feel better for having read them. beautiful soul, you!! xxo

  4. Awesome sounds fabulous xxx
    I started your dishcloth tonight

  5. Catherine, you have such a have so aptly written and photographed the essence of our Divine amazing retreat. I am filled and I have a filled book with direction for the coming year. Thank you for providing the skeleton for us to fill out in our own unique special way.

    Your Sister of Light

  6. Wish I was in the company of such good souls right now ! The lessons you have learned in the retreat is indeed valuable but more valuable is to be in the company of similar spirited /like minded friends.
    I especially loved these lines that you wrote :
    "How every part of you is beautiful...Nothing you say or do
    makes that anymore real...It is because it is as you are".

    Yes, Cat, we are beautiful as we are now...we are good as we are now. Sometimes, I feel that while "trying or trying to change ourselves", we are so hard and harsh on ourselves, so let us "be" and "accept " ourselves.
    have a wonderful weekend !

  7. Oh - how absolutely amazing and overflowing with tribal love! Ohhh I wish I was there. I love the pics - you've captured some real gems here.
    Happy Thanksgiving weekend to you gorgeous one - I too am in Canada, and have a lot to be thankful for this weekend.

  8. Sistas pourin' out their souls!!! Can't think of anything better! Wow Cat. Yer one lucky lady, having a tribe of such lovelies to share and spill it all out with. It feels good to see this. :)


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