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Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Images that Stir the Soul...

(images captured this past weekend
away at my brothers place for Thanksgiving
spending time in the wide open spaces of the prairies)

these images move me...
tell me my lovelies
what do they make you feel?

Love and Light


  1. Beautiful images - anything with sky makes me feel so much closer to my Creator. xoxo

  2. so beautiful and so peaceful. xoxo

  3. wonderful photos! Also...loving your blog header! :) ~Suzy

  4. Now THAT'S some prairie! The big 'ol empty, brimming with life. I feel the quiet and the stillness, the past and present, and God. I bet you had a nice time.

  5. I love them especially the first and second one. The third one from the top scares me a little but no idea why. Something about the window I guess. Anyway (why did I go there?) you take beautiful photos!

  6. These images are magnificent. It makes me feel that there is a vast space out there, something larger than life out there...larger than my inner emptiness..something bigger than me...who guides me always.
    Take care,

  7. I love the 4th one, the contrast in the textures yet such simplicity. Very beautiful.


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