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Monday, 15 October 2012

Amanda Todd, Social Media and keeping our loved ones safe

This post is dedicated to all the Amanda Todds
in our world
She was a young girl
who lived in the neighboring community
known by my son...
and now
due to bad choices
and cyber bullying
her spirit has left us
by her own hands...

her full story can be found here
our children need to be protected
they may talk big
and know so much more
than we did
but they are still children
in a fast paced world
that they are trying desperately to keep up with
protection for the bullied
and protection for those who get caught up
in the bullying
with out the maturity to understand
the ramifications for their actions
some more than others...
the sensitive souls navigation
is hard
if someone is "doing something for attention"
pay attention
this is no joke

Rest in Peace Amanda
I am so sorry it ended like this for you....
but it will not be for nothing
your story remains
I see you
 I hear you

Love and Light

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  1. Such a sad story. So many questions. So many questions. You are so right friend - we need to pay attention, it is a fast paced world.

  2. It's also unfortunate that her cyber bully is now getting death threats. The cycle is vicious. Justice is needed but vigilante justice can get viciously vile too. I hope justice is met in a way that honors her family. My prayers are with her family. So sad. Especially sensitive souls. My heart aches even more so for those who hurt so much. I'm sorry for the loss of a beautiful life...

  3. So So Sad xxx Bullying is horrid in whatever shape or form

  4. I just read about this yesterday and wondered if you knew of her. Horrific :(

  5. Thank you for posting Cat, you are right this world is so fast paced trying to keep up is difficult for parents! As you say we can all do our bit here in our own circle of strong soul sisters.

    Bullying in whatever form should not be tolerated, I was affected badly in office bullying, it led to a downward spiral of not being able to focus, I left this job and was never able to pick-up really. Knowing what I do now has made all the difference - educating myself through personal development etc. x

  6. this makes my heart ache. :( thank you for speaking up and drawing attention to these things...for giving a voice to the voiceless, and amplifying the voices that are often too quiet to be heard. bullying sucks. :(

  7. Catching up on you, my friend... so so tragic... poor love that she felt so alone and desperate that she took her life. :(
    so so so sad.
    Thinking of you and your son.... this hits so close to home.

  8. I am weeping for Her, watching this my Heart & Soul grieve for Her.
    May Her story, and the sharing of it out into the World reach Others who are being harmed and who are harming them.
    Love to You. Thank You for opening my eyes to Amanda.


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