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Monday, 3 September 2012

Monday Offering...Blue Moon and New Beginnings Part One

did you see her the other night?
So beautiful
So full...
Full of promise
Full of rebirth
Full of hope
with her
she also brought
the unsettledness of those very things
it seemed
a perfect time to start a new journal

one given by a Sister of Light

full of  promise*full of rebirth*full of hope

along with the new journal
I pulled a card for the month

"You're being called upon to provide leadership, 
so trust that you're capable of doing so."

" may stumble
even fall
but don't let that impede the acceptance of the leadership
you're being called to provide..."
big words
for a small girl
This is my charge for this month.
to accept the place of leadership
in any capacity...
To continue when I fall...
To let it go to my heart...

And so it begins
as it says in the front cover of my new journal...

"This is a space for 
Dream Words
Love Words
Made up Words
Flying Words
Fall down and Get up Words.
Get to know the sound of your own
Inner Voice
Be Creative
Be Generous
Be Bold"

I say this to all of you my Lovelies
Welcome to Paradise...
How will you choose to be Bold?

Love and Light


  1. you are so the real deal. yes, i will be bold too. i will! xoxo

  2. Love the card and journal:) Wonderful:)

  3. LOVE that you keep a journal in the hand written word
    You are such an inspiration
    Love and Light
    From one Cat to another

  4. Dear Cat, What a lovely journal you are keeping ! I also keep a daily journal , in fact, I have been keeping journals since my college days. I saw the full moon too and called my husband to witness it that day-it was so beautiful !
    I will choose to be bold by accepting myself totally with both my perfections and so called imperfections!
    have a nice day !

  5. "Fall down and Get up Words."
    this phrase flips things side-ways for me, removing the right and wrong, the high and the low. There is freedom there on an even plane. <3

  6. Awesome new journal to start this new season. I know you are a very capable leader, I'm excited to see what you are being called to. The Blue Moon was very special and you captured it beautifully (in words and photos).


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