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Monday, 10 September 2012

Mondays Offering...visuals of the weekend and a winner...

Happy Monday
(tuesday for some of my readers)
my lovelies!
it was an unusually busy weekend for me
and I am short of words
but abundant in visual
I thought I would share with you 
some of the magic I captured this weekend
one event was a 15th Colombian birthday
in Colombia the 15th birthday is held high
a time when a young girl becomes a woman
and it is marked with a grand lavish celebration
I was asked to document this Canadian "down played" version
of this celebration....
the other
 has the taste of Alice in Wonderland
only in this version 
there is a fairy-god-mother,
having no daughters of her own,
borrows 5 princess daughters 
belonging to some of the women
in her village
and once a year
takes them into a land
of magic and fairy dust....
so click on the music above (no words)
and enjoy a moment
in a land
where dreams do come true.

(winner to the "end of summer draw" announced below)


I hope you enjoyed that 
there will be more to images to come
from "The Princess' down The Rabbit Hole"

And finally
the winner of The End of Summer Draw
congrates Jillian
something to help you face those dark nights
in the forest
send me an email with your info and I will get that off to you
thanks to all who entered lol

I bid you all a fond farewell
much Love and Light to you today

Love and Light


  1. Oh my goodness...what beautiful captures!!
    It looks so wonderful...I would love to go back to 15!
    I was honestly just thinking of you today and put in the music you sent me to listen to while i started my day.
    Miss you.

  2. I just love the way everything has been photographed here, like pages from a fairy tale book...Alice walking down a magical path, that lone chair, the mirror, the table decor, the sign "wrong way"{ we should take that way sometimes to see if it is indeed wrong, or not }, the table filled with cookies and cakes...and not to mention, the smiling face of the girl. Beautiful captures, All filled with wonder !
    And congratulations to the winner !

  3. 1. LOVE LOVE LOVE that storm rainbow dress and the beautiful girl wearing it -- what a SMILE!
    2. I won! I won!!! I never win! :) THANK YOU!!!

  4. Ok I want more details of how they did this because I want to do this too! I LOVE it. So magical. HOw did they do the decor and such? Where did they find it? I think I could replica this but I would love to hear more. We need more celebrations and crazy teas in our life. Hey, I am solidifying plans for around thanksgiving and want to know when our magical meeting may take place so I can be here. Do you think you could email me in my new email with that info?
    Thanks I love this.
    Happy Monday!:)

  5. This was so incredibly magical. the mood of the pictures took my breath away. Rituals like this and initiations into different stages of life just fascinate me so much. oh how I loved this!!!! xo

  6. I LOVE LOVE LOVE these photographs WOW you captured so beautifully xxx

  7. a glorious celebration, full of colour and life.

    all too often: *this* wanderer heads down the rabbit hole....
    so i love the path you lay'd out, to end so wonderfully.


    p.s. congratulations to the winner!

  8. Great job fairy god mother!! Looking forward to seeing more pictures.

  9. Wherever you go, magical things happen. xo


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