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Thursday, 30 August 2012

Painting...and an End of Summer *Give Away*

I started painting this summer

something I haven't done since I was a child

down by the creek side

this was my first attempt

I call it "Self Reflections"...

and this was the final product
of that one attempt

I discovered I have a real passion for it...
not sure if it "good" or not
but I know I like the way
it makes me feel
so much so I have set up a painting station

in my back yard

beside the "GordLord"

in the name of vulnerability
I have decided to put one of my painting up
for a 
an 8x10 canvas
water colour original

"Owl-Seeing beyond the darkness"

If you are interested
you can get yourself entered 3 different ways
each way another chance to win

1)leave me a comment below
2) add yourself as one of my followers
(found at the bottom of the blog page)
3) link this giveaway on your blog
(and let me know)

winner will be announced Monday Sept. 10th

My lovelies
your presence here is so appreciated
for those who leave your mark
for those who come in reflective silence
each one of you matters
thank you

Love and Light


  1. oh oh oh!!!!! beautifullll... CAT!! so beautiful. I'm so happy you are touching this part of your is so exciting to see what comes out of another's deep spaces in this way. xoxo

  2. I love that your painting! Lovely pictures and art station. Sigh. Looks so peaceful;)

  3. yay you!!!!
    man look at your awesome arty stash!
    I wanna sit out there with you and goodlord and paint in the sunshine *blisssigh

  4. Whimsical native american petroglyphs! The owl, your night guard. Swirling colors of paint, created by your own hands, bringing joy to you, and to others!
    I will link yours to mine.
    And, you KNOW I've joined your site. How can you miss that minus sign!
    I'm working on that. TGIF

  5. Now that's given me an idea to set up a paint station in my camper-van, that way we'll have the dinning table to eat on ;~)XXX

    Happy weekend!

  6. " but I know I like the way
    it makes me feel"

    that is NUMERO UNO!

    i'm glad you allowed this for yourself.

  7. Dear Cat, I am glad to see you taking up painting once again. Painting is one form of self expression. I love your painting, it is the reflection of your heart. I also love the theme" Seeing beyond darkness".
    I am in love with your painting station. It is beautiful. You would be surprised to know that although I paint on and off, since the last week, I took up painting as a daily exercise- {excluding Saturdays and Sundays of course, -my busiest days !}. There was no proper place for painting before that. Now, I have created a place for my paintings/drawings-It is my dinning table which I clear up before eating, everyday !
    have a great weekend !

  8. LOVE the painting station!
    LOVE the northern lights background of that painting! So much beautiful color!
    You're a lovely light.

  9. so lovely! i wish i could paint like you! i used to paint too...watercolor, as a child... maybe once i graduate and actually have time i'll start getting back into it. i loved it. you do it so well.

  10. I LOVE your painting station xxx
    And your painting is lovely - you are endlessly talented !! !!
    Your photo sits beside my bed of "The Journey"

  11. I love that you leap and build and breakdown and envision and entrust. You are an inspiration. I'm intrigued by the owl, by the seeing-through in your painting. xo

  12. Lovely place to create and express glad you are making that space for yourself! For me, your painting reminds me that even when I can't see through the darkness, there is someone who can.


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