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Wednesday, 12 September 2012


I was reading...
and became inspired
this is what poured out of me...

To Abide
to dig deep
to care fully for oneself
to be moved by the deep stirrings within
to listen for the whisper
to take in the sun
to sleep with the moon
to twinkle along with the stars
to Be
as the grass is
as the flowers bloom
as the birds sing
not because they have to
but because it is what they do
it is how they Be
following their nature
with flaws and brokenness
we forget
we forget ourselves
the journey is to go back to that
the place where creation began 
in our hearts
in our souls
when we stood with God
and He/She said
"It is Good"

Love and Light

(ps and yes that is something on my lens!!! showing my human flaws!)


  1. I am positive that these words helped me sleep like a baby last night. I read them over and over before I went to bed. Beautiful stuff xoxo

  2. I loved your comment over there and love it here too. Inspired.:)

  3. You inspired me too Cat, you have one big heart full of love and light. x

  4. beautiful outpouring.
    "not because they have to
    but because it is what they do"

  5. I'm there. Thank you for the reminder. You are "speaking words of wisdom, Let it BE!".(thank you, The Beatles). Glorious Friday to you!

  6. ahhh...your writing takes my breath away. Beautiful post and thanks for passing along the inspiration :)


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