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Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Autumn Harvest, Decay and other Random Thoughts

The time of Harvest has come...
our garden
which has not had it's best run
it brimming with the fruits of it's labours

Strange time, Autumn
a time of coming to full life
and yet also
a time of life ending into decay...

no other season offers the two sides
the balance of life and death
as Autumn does...

This is my favourite time of year
the colours
the smells
the cold nibble in the air
it is my season

This weekend I am heading for Retreat...
"Prayers and Stillness"
I am looking forward to this
I am in need of this 

I am going with my 
it has been a year since our first
"accidental" retreat...
a retreat that birthed this blog...

I am looking forward 
to seeing what this gathering brings forth
I am facilitator this year
but have left much up to Spirit
to guide, mould and shape this retreat

things have already started inside
much like this season
there has been fruit and decay
already beginning within me

I can't be sure of what is to come
I can't be sure of what God has in store for me
I can be sure we will be spoken to
I can be sure we will be opened
I can be sure, that once again
the soil will be churned
fruit will appear
what is old will decay
and seeds will be planted

I look forward to sharing with you the harvest
that I receive....
till then
be good to you
be kind to others
love like it is your last day to love
and remember sisters
you are free...

a song by my amazing Sister of the Wood...Cathy Hardy

What is your harvest and decay looking like 
my lovelies?
and for you in the Southern Hemisphere
what is your re-brith looking like?

see you all soon
Love and Light


  1. I am SO excited for you and can't wait to read all about it when you get back. I wish I could be there. Sounds amazing. so much love to you xoxox

  2. oh my gosh! Loving all the fruit from your garden.. literally and in spirit.
    Looking forward to reading and hearing about your time away. Wishing I was with you.. need something like that so badly.. but preparing my self for a full month of lots hosting family and company.
    Have missed your sacred space.. love you.

  3. Yay. Oh those pics are amazing! I wish I was there too but I get to see you soon:) my decay is getting rid of old health habits and old health struggles. I went to a Naturopath (finally) and I am excited about the future in regards to health. My harvest is my family and all the lovely moments of this year. I love this season. Tis my favourite. I feel refreshed and ready. ( how most feel about summer) Funny enough I wear more summer clothes during this season.)

  4. I love your harvest photos
    Autumn and Spring are my favourite seasons

  5. Dear Cat, take my heart with you on your retreat, flourish and bloom in your time together. x

  6. Loving the photos of the fruits and vegetables from your garden ! They look very fresh and healthy.
    Yes, every ending has a new beginning, and death and decay leads to a new beginning, a rebirth ...
    My decay emotional dependency on others which is now dying a slow death :)) and my harvest is getting detached from this dependency and drawing strength from my inner self...rebirth occurs many times and this time, it is the rebirth of the soul in a new avatar, i.e. the rebirth of a self that is independent from all the outside forces and which draws from inner faith.

    Enjoy your days at the retreat and come back with fresh thoughts and ideas to inspire us.
    wishing you all the best !

  7. O,Yes may You enjoy Your Retreat!

    Adore the photographs of the bounty from Your Garden.

  8. Oh I would LOVE to come to one of your retreats! Have a wonderful Spirit filled time xxx

  9. This is "my time of year" too, Cat! Love your thoughts on the co-existence of birth and decay in Autumn. I feel it too...

    Happy almost-blog birthday to you! Praying your retreat is as refreshing and as challenging as you need it to be!

  10. What a beautiful time of year, what a beautiful way to honor it with your words. Autumn always makes me face mortaility in a very animal way: I find it a very meaningful season, as they all are!

  11. I hope you have a lovely, lovely retreat! Thank you for writing!

  12. As things gradually turn brown and fade away, I know at your retreat of stillness and reflection, you will sprout new wings of freedom. Autumn is renewal and with it a slower pace. Just BE m' lady. x

  13. harvest:: i'm finding magic around me, the bright blind of the sun and the long shadows of afternoon; i'm finding my weight, my unknown, my presence.
    decay:: much of that.


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