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Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Blue Moon and New Beginnings Part Two...

part one found here

The day after the Blue Moon I went for an early morning walk
camera in hand
and my trusty canine companion
beside me

Fall's essence was already in the air
The hot emotions of summer coming to an end
and as I walked
I breathed deep
opening myself to the new path that lay before me
and before long I heard the sounds that said
we did not walk alone

Coyote howled in the lower field
Calling out to us
beckoning to us into transformation
 and yet warning us
to take our time

The morning was beautiful
and unfolded into all of Mother Natures glory
Golden Light and Silver threads

Winged Ones and Those of Water
The Promise of New
The Blessing of Old

Such beauty 
can not be denied

and in that beauty
I find my Peace

in the delicate consistency
of earth and nature
I have learned the character of God
I see the movement of Spirit
I know that there is more

and in that knowing
I walk
answering the call
I continue
in the face of trembling uncertainty
I remain

Love and Light

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  1. Dear Cat, I'm loving the feeling of being in your presence here, through your moments of walking among all the beauty of Spirit. Yesterday's post too, just watched the Paradise video after reading your journal words, I am lifted, am coming along too!......... Sue :~)XXXXX

  2. As always your pictures tug at my heart. I feel restless and want to move to a place where nature speaks more. Sigh. It's sometimes tough to find it all here. I wanted to ask you what you think of this pos? To be honest I think I fall into all three categories and it FEELS exactly like what she says. My hubby often says I am these three things and I feel them ( But I do not want to sound pompous either.. We were trained in the church to never say of ourselves these things...) I would appreciate your thoughts:

  3. Dearest Cat your pictures captivate my soul
    I love your words and how you see beauty all around xxx
    I found this today I like it
    From one Cat to another
    Love and light my friend

  4. Cat, Cat, Cat...I've been absent for awhile, and I happily come back to your words and knockout pictures! You're starting a new journal in the blue moon. I love that. I also dig how you are into animal cards. I am too. I never fail to pick the owl. It's quite weird, but I like that I do. Your words are the last thing I'm taking with me before I nod off in my yogi bedtime tea, and drift off. Goodnight. x

  5. The pictures that you captured are really very beautiful. I can feel the spirit of mother nature in them. I love the full moon picture and the one after that, the view of the landscape with the coyote. And I am also loving the fifth picture-beautiful landscape ! The lone tree is amazing too !
    Now back to your message: I agree with you when you wrote: "...beckoning to us into transformation
    and yet warning us
    to take our time".
    Yes, we cannot hurry, there is time for every change and by being restless, we cannot transform will occur in its own time. Transformation is a slow process, it has several stages. We cannot go from stage 1 to stage 3 by skipping stage 2.

    I also love your last lines, where you wrote :
    "I have learned the character of God
    I see the movement of Spirit
    I know that there is more"...
    -So true and touching lines ! Yes dear, if we can know God, and his ways, then there is nothing to fear. We know that there is more to life than fear and sorrow if we walk in the path of God.
    have a lovely day !

  6. those photos tell such stories.. and the mountains rising up.. i could drink that right up. your words, as always, so incredibly wise. xoxo

  7. Such a beautiful post! I can relate with every word, THANK YOU.


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