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Sunday, 22 April 2012

one day...

In one day
there can be so much
reflections of the heart
over flow
and pour out
and one wonders where to begin

this Life
this Gift

felt in the community of gathering
at the dawn of the day
six women
in an upper room
sharing fears, challenges and victories
standing together
staffs in hand
committed to each other
in love and sisterhood
lifting each other up
in honesty and grace
in what we do
opening a portal for Love to come down
to speak to us
to guide us
to hold us

I am blessed
I am woman
Let me do what I do

the gathering complete
preparations begin
to say good bye
to honour one past

We go
my son and I
Proud is the mother in me
of a young man
open to Love
open to feelings of loss
open to walk that road
his sensitive heart pained
but he will not be afraid
for he has know Love
He has know Caring
He has know what it feels like to matter
And this beloved one
gave him that

so beautiful
centuries old
hold the mysteries
of worlds
of the past

words spoken
in our loved ones native tongue
he will go back to his home country
for final resting place
his children 
and their children
will carry him there
and hold Mamas hand
as she grieves the loss of her one Love
the man she spent her whole life with
the man who was the yin to her yang

So loved was he
as the bodies pour out the church
too small to hold all the 

a great man
a man of family
a man of tradition
a man of giving
a man of humility
a man of honour
a man of commitment

a Man of Love

held close
never forgotten
forever appreciated



precious moments
shared with my son
joined by this Love
for his Djeda
and for his Baba 
who now remains
in a life gone by
so Loved
was he by them

this Gift
this Life

Till the day ends
in the presence of family
and friends
speaking hearts
open voices
in finding home
with those 

one day

a gift


Love and Light


  1. Beautiful expression. Love the photos too. You have gifts dear one. Lots of them. Thinking of you today!

  2. what a lovely tribute, an honor.
    love the new eyes thank you.

  3. This gave me chills. awesome chills.. what a beautiful tribute. xoxo

  4. Thinking of you all in grief and loss as you travel that way xxx Love the new look too

  5. no words......
    cryed like a baby
    thank you, thank you my friend

  6. I love the flow of the words, the intent of your heart.

  7. just beautiful. thinking of you today...sending you love. <3

  8. So sorry for your loss. The beautiful rhythm of your words gives rise to hope.
    Catherine Denton


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