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Wednesday, 25 April 2012

and when I'm confused....

I want to watch blossoms in the wind

and when I am unsure
I want to feel the sun shine on my face

and when I am insecure 
I want to sing a song of strength

and when I don't know where I am
I want to sit and rest

and when I am afraid
I want to feel something soft

and when I am angry
I want to lay on the marble floor

and when I have messed up
I want to feel the oceans spray

and when I feel shame
I want to run the forest trail

and when I feel not enough
I want to hear the eagle song

and when I feel too much
I want to yell from somewhere high

and when I don't feel at all
I want to be held
by Your Infinite Love
and cradled
close to

what is it you want to do my lovelies?
Love and Light


  1. This is breathtakingly beautiful. love love love..xoxo

  2. So true! love the words and God's answers!

  3. oh this is so beautiful and just what i needed to read! i could use some softness and an eagle's song right now. the pictures are marvelous. thank you for touching my heart tonight. (i just posted on my blog...i need to be when you can? thank you and much love.) <3

  4. Yes. ...Thanks for sharing this, Cat. ♥

  5. WOw, what a beautiful sensory picture you created. All calming and appropriate for each expression. I basked in the imagery. Thanks for the inspiration and lovely words. Love.

  6. mmmm...
    I want to melt into my now. I want to sit confidently in my skin. I want to take in the expanse that is my life. I want to create with assurance and ease. I want to laugh and resist the need to be anxious. I want to unfold and refold each and every day, gaining flexibility.
    love to you. xo

  7. Cat,
    The words and the photos are exquisite- I can so relate to what the Soul wants to do in each situation of vulnerability. Thank you-
    Wildest Blessings-


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