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Friday, 27 April 2012

no more struggle....

Struggle has been a familiar thing
it has been something that defined me
 something I took on
as part of my reality

But I have changed my mind

When I think of struggle
I feel the hardship
the burden
I see my self walking
bent over
I see my self carrying
the pain
the suffering
and the burden is almost too much to bear

when that perspective is shifted
and I see it as a challenge
everything changes

challenges are meant to be faced
challenges are welcomed for growth
welcomed for learning
welcomed for experience

I can see myself standing tall
staff in hand
ready to face the challenges
of my life

in changing my mind
 I have decided
that the struggle is no more
no longer will I carry
unnecessary burdens
I stand tall
walk strong
ready to face
the challenges of my Life...

what have you changed your mind about, my lovelies?

Love and Light


  1. I love your shift in perspective. It's so true and so wise. I've changed my mind about the same thing. This post cemented it for me. I realized last night after the sh*tty day I had yesterday that it did come down to choice and how I viewed and responded to things. It makes all the difference. Thank you for this post, my friend. It absolutely sang out beautiful notes to me this morning!! xoxo

  2. btw I didnt get to the post office. I havent forgotten just have been carless for a bit :) xox

  3. wonderful. it can be a tough journey to get to this place of understanding, not all do. but it really is a choice of perspective.

    i'm in the process of shifting a current annoyance... ;)

  4. It's a constant mindset of continual tweaking but always worth the perspective!

  5. this is great - giving me something to ponder today.
    what I am changing right now: I will be comfortable with my awkward.

  6. Sometimes it all becomes so heavy. So exhausting. Thank you for your healing insight-
    Wildest Blessings-

  7. your words are so empowering and I'm inspired to drink my tea and have a really good introspection.
    happy Sunday :)

  8. When I read your words, I hear the truth in them - perspective changes everything. I want to see struggles as opportunities for growth, but it is hard to remember that sometimes. To answer your question "what have I changed my mind about" the thing that comes to mind, as a parent is, letting go of my son and trusting that I have done my best to equip him with everything he needs for life. I can be confident in him and in myself.

  9. I
    I have been letting go of a struggle over time...and am seeing a light.
    Love your words and captures here....they hit home.


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