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Sunday, 15 April 2012


we walked together
I speak
you listen

my heart pours out 
as you catch its contents
you blow them around
like fairy dust
and they sparkle in your Love

I hear the song of your words
and know you are there
I see you
I feel you
as the words of gratitude
roll off my tongue

there is something that is rising within me
you gently push it forth
today when we walked
you re assure me
calmed my fears
and the uncertainties
that befall me

 as usual
your words remain steadfast
my heart an open book
for which every page you've read
and today

we walked for me
embraced what lies before me
took comfort in your presence
felt the gratitude bubble over
and knew
this next step
I don't do alone
this next step 
I take for me....
made that

Lovelies, what have you done for you today?

Love and Light


  1. Your photos are so gorgeous Cat and the honesty of your words a treasure. Have a wonderful day xx

  2. This post has a child-like quality. I love the certainty and the whimsical all woven together. "we walked for me today"
    I'm resting beside you today. xo

  3. I love this ( and you) xoxo

  4. this is beautiful. so happy you had this treasure of a day.

  5. Gorgeous.. and I know of who it is you speak <3

    I took me to a movie today, and then I drove around for a loooong time :) Had a really intense conversation coming up in the evening and wanted to shut my brain up.


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